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  1. yes i agree,ive got mine from our local back street shops,not the main fish shops as you would think
  2. ive got 2 of each,but good ones are hard to get,our local shops get them in now and again,but most are rubbish quality,odd eyes or bubbles are different sizes etc
  3. thanks everyone,my white oranda started out as a panda colour when she was small
  4. cheers all tanks a big one,but the fish have grown into it nicely,as i have had them all since they were tiny
  5. cheers mate,shes getting big now
  6. thought i would take some pictures as the plants wont look like that for long with this lot
  7. heres my biggest telescope ive got 3 more that are growing nicely.including my kirin telescope,which i love
  8. thats my sakura ranchu,he always looks like that
  9. heres some more of my ranchu collection,sorry for the rubbish pictures though
  10. ive got a nice big calico telescope,and a kirin and a metalic tri colour that are both growing nicely
  11. i use gamma and BCUK aquatic bloodworms and brine with no issues
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