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  1. i got the tape measure out(theres a few jokes there) it seems to be a fluval 240 litre
  2. thanks all the big celestial we lovingly called crazy facehad her nearly 7 years now and she measures just over 7 inches long from nose to tail tip,was very small when got her as i always buy very young fish as i enjoy watching them grow
  3. took me ages to get them all in one shot
  4. ive finally got the 4 f00t tank a friend gave me runningit was needed as some of the fish had gotten pretty big now,also got some little celestials to go with my big one
  5. yes first pic definatly celestial pom poms
  6. never seen the hikari bloodworms here in the uk
  7. i have 4 celestials who are lovingly called crazy face number 1,2,3 and 4
  8. i use it and its really good food
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