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  1. Someone asked for pics of the parents. Hope you enjoy.
  2. These fish hatched on 4/2/2014. Had to take 13 to my local fish store. I kept 6.
  3. Can't wait to see some pics of the fish. They'll look really nice growing out in such a big pool and outside.
  4. Finally released my fry into my pond. They've been in there for a week and a half.
  5. I added my fry to my pond in my home made incubator.
  6. Looking forward to the picturess
  7. They look great. You still have quite a few.
  8. They love to eat. The tanks are outside so they eat a lot of algae.
  9. It's amazing how the fry start to get a little personality as they grow.
  10. Cograts on the pool. If you need help setting it up let me know. Would have come over to see your fry set up today but had a 4 year olds party at my house this afternoon.
  11. I have the Eheim pro series II. It has quick and easy hose disconnect along with a self priming button. Great filter. Ive had mine for years and love it. Easy to open, clean, and put back together.
  12. My Lilly has taken off this year!
  13. I'm using spawn and grow mixed with meat pie. Will do labrat99. My setup is pretty simple. Nothing as nice as yours.
  14. Thank you. I wish they bred like convicts. The hybrid fish just dont seem to have the natural parenting skills like wild caught fish or non hybrid fish
  15. My Severums spawned last night or early this morning. Both parents taking care of eggs.
  16. They are ryukins. So far they are doing well. Ive noticed some of the fry that hatched last and really small didnt live long. I quit feeding bbs and just feed gel food. I will take some pics of the bigger fry. Ive been looking at your threads and you have an awesome fishroom. You seem to have a nice fry set up too. Keep us updated on your progress.
  17. I'm not sure how many I have but at least 100 to 150 fry. LabRat I live 20 minutes from you. La Pote, texas.
  18. Keep up the good work. It's been fun and learning process.
  19. Several pics of my fry eating gel food. Growing nicely.
  20. Here they are happy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Back flushed my filter and did a water change. Makes for happy fish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Good luck with the bbs. I may buy some this weekend and try to hatch them. Ive also started the process of making green water.
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