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  1. I've had to deal with the extreme heat this month. I added an air pump and two large airstones to help. Winters are mild here.
  2. Thank you everyone. The pond is about 300 gallons. The net is suspended above the pond to keep the toads and other animals out.
  3. Thought I'd share this short video on a hot and rainy day here in Texas. https://vimeo.com/136449197
  4. Thank you. I posted pics of the parents under this section in September 2014-5 moth old fry parents. Without tail they are about 2 inces. With tail 3 to 3.5.
  5. These fish hatched April of last year. I had trade some in at the LFS to keep my numbers down. It's kind of hard getting rid of fish you've raised from eggs. I only kept the last two fish.
  6. I have some baby ryukins that hatched last April and not all of them have a well devolped humps. Some look similar to this fish. They are still ryukins but not high quality goldfish.
  7. Thank you. After quarentine she will go into my pond. Hopefully the red color will brighten up once outside.
  8. Picked up this little guy yesterday at my lfs. In quarentine outside in 20 long.
  9. My LFS just got some goldfish in and I can't wait to check them out tomorrow.
  10. Beautiful fish. I was thinking fantail.
  11. We've had temps in the high 60s to about 70. Been really nice the past couple of days.
  12. Its warmed up here in texas. Warm enough to feed my ryukins outside the past two days.
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