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  1. I have changed the title of your thread. Please let me know if you'd prefer something different. You will not be able to change it as it needs to be done by admin or a mod, so just let me know if you'd like it changed again. I have also alerted admin so you should be getting a breeder's medal sometime in the next day or so. It's just perfect!!! I didn't know that I had to tell you; I've just thought it couldn't be changed. Thank you for all !!!
  2. Oh something else ^^, thank you to the person who changed the name of the thread!!!
  3. Thank you!! I've just pretended to satiate the curiosity of the forum breeders because I've learnt a lot from them (you are one of those). I think it was my turn to give something back, and since I've not found anything alike, then this is what came out.
  4. In the photo we cannot perceive the finrot you are talking about, just blood strings. From the poop I see in the picture, the fish is not ok. Even though the poop has orange (the normal color of pellets), it also has transparent parts, as well as air. First of all, pellets are really bad for goldfish in general, for many reasons. Do you soak the pellets few minutes prior to feeding them to your fish? The dehydrated food for golfish use to absorb lots of water and during the process (1 min aprox) it can double its size. This can cause internal problems such as indigestion, swelling, etc. It's very important to give a varied diet. Second, the fin rotting means that there is some kind of infection that causes it. That can also make the fish lie down into the tank and loaf. In this case you should undergo a green malachite treatment.
  5. Rhea

    I have eggs!

    Maybe you should wait a bit until someone else gives you the same diagnosis. I'm new into breeding, so I don't know all the tricks.
  6. Rhea

    I have eggs!

    The fluffy stuff can be flukes. They reproduce building up a net of eggs and it seems like cotton threads. They get attached to the fish or whatever they can feed from, so it results almost impossible to take it out. When you watch it under a microscope, the eggs are pretty big, but the nasty little parasite is very tiny and runs all around. I've done an experiment and watched how quickly they die with prazi, and it's around 20 min more or less. I think you should begin with prazi or do another round of it.
  7. Hello everyone. Yesterday I've begun feeding them and they are all very happy. I had some difficulties with the brine shrimp hatching, so I had to feed both egg yolk and brine shrimp. Today my female goldfish has spawned again, so I have got a tupper full of eggs. At this point I guess I have enough hahah. From now on I'll try to do a kind of diary with the evolution of the fry, but it's a pity that I cannot change the name of the thread to something like " fertilized eggs microscope findings". I don't know whether this is correct or not, but do I have to get a badge or sth (from the forum admin) when I get fry?
  8. Yes haha. You are right. I have more than 200 but I don't know exactly since I get lost counting. However I had to begin with prazi because I saw some flukes going around under the microscope and I was noooooooooooooooooooooo....you little asdfghjkl!!
  9. Rhea

    I have eggs!

    Hope mine get so far too! They are cute cute cute!!!!
  10. I'm really sorry for not updating yesterday.I was too tired, but not given up yet, so here it goes!! Day 3: (haching out) Another video but this time with something different than an egg . No animal was harmed in the making off.
  11. Ohhhh such an honor!!! If they haven't hatched out yet, then absolutely yes.
  12. You're welcome ^^. I agree. This stage is comparable to your photo, when you detected the eyes in the egg. They are extremely tiny but soooo cute
  13. The main changes I've detected on this second day are: - bigger bodies (the previous day they occupied 60% of the egg, and now 95%) - heart beating - blood stream -movement inside the egg (reflection) -bigger eyes
  14. Day 2: Heart beats and blood stream (video under microscope) PS. Click on the image to watch the video. The redirectioning is to photobucket.
  15. Thank you so much ^^. I didn't know that there was a contest haha however I do this for the users, and in order to kill the curiosity . Now I am preparing few pics and videos with blood stream and heart beats.
  16. I use a monocular Bresser, really cheap and great. Thank you!!
  17. Thank you !! Tomorrow I'll post more microscope pics if I can.
  18. Not so long ago I've written in my presentation post that my little ranchu laid eggs all around... but unfortunately none was a baby wannabe. However, as many users told me (thank you for your cheering ^^), she spawned again accidentally. By accidentally I mean that she got into a pantyhose/mesh I have with some filter media in, and when I got her out she expeled some eggs. So I was like this: . As I didn't want her to spread them all around and make me pick them out one by one, I've prepared a small bowl with bottled water and handspawned her there gently (she releases all by almost doing nothing). After that of course I took the male and did the same thing. Sincerely I wasn't too excited because the last time nothing happened and I got really down. Nevertheless, this time there was some luck. Day 0: Day 1: (eggs under microscope) As you can see there's a little gf inside with even small eyes, but yet not visible at bare sight. Here you can see one egg that's empty. Actually I don't know the reason why it's empty, but that's how it looks like. Here are few more. This shows how unfertilized eggs are in case someone wondered. What I did so far has been "culling" those white eggs in case they were to get fungus on. In fact it's really easy to tell which are a yay, and which are nay. This is all for now !!
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