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  1. This may not be useful information but I have for a 75 gallon tank in the backseat of an 07 civic, we had to sit quite close to the dash but if you do already then you might not have a problem!
  2. Personally I only like fancies and can appreciate a well taken care of single tail, but I would never own one.
  3. I don't think that that would do anything, honestly... I'd just wet your hands. Might make your hands smell like sulphur, that's about it. I can't see any benefit to the fish or the person holding the fish.
  4. If you have room for only one, the second picture is my favourite but they are both great looking fish!
  5. Hope you get some hatching in the next couple of days!
  6. Snowing right now after it rained all day the roads are gonna be poopy tomorrow when I'm driving to clinical
  7. Midterm, clinical research and then working at the pharmacy tonight. Going to be a long day!
  8. Ok thanks very much for your help! Will it harm the eggs if I add a heater now? When do I need todo my first water change after they have hatched? I don't know about the heater as I never added one, but just keep an eye on the water quality. I changed mine when I couldn't keep up with the layer of "scum" on the surface of the water. I would siphon it off with a turkey baster but at one point for me it became too much. The easiest way to do a water change is to go to Walmart and get a couple of white sterilite dish pans. One for the fish to be in and one with clean water all ready to go so you dont have to worry about matching temp, ph, etc. My advice is to read lots of fry threads! I got a lot of information from them last spring when I had eggs
  9. I remember seeing this with my own eggs last spring, I wouldn't say it's abnormal.
  10. I live at the very far end of NS, the highway ends with my town, haha .
  11. I live 3 hours from Halifax! Hope you enjoy I don't know any good fish stores unfortunately!!
  12. Guess what! I'm coming to Nova Scotia in August Really?? Where are you headed?
  13. how many weeks are you? 28 . Due April 23, just after my nursing exams are finished!Good planning How about a family name then it'll always have meaning Definitely wasn't planned but it is good timing that's for sure, haha.
  14. how many weeks are you? 28 . Due April 23, just after my nursing exams are finished!
  15. :heart Congrats!!! Thanks! Now if only we could decide on a name for him! Lol!
  16. Good morning! Fed the fishies and the dogs, now on my way to my prenatal appointment, I love hearing this little boys heartbeat!
  17. I've never used it in mine either. Never really crossed my mind to be honest and in the year I've been feeding gel foods I haven't seen any adverse reactions.
  18. Well, it's been 7 months since the babies were born. Thought that since I've been spending a little more time on the forum again lately that I'd update this thread. At 7 months old the babies weigh between 12 and 13 g and are 3.5 inches long from nose to tail! Also, if anyone has any guesses as to what kind of goldfish these two are, I'd love to hear it. The darker colored one looks like he may be growing a small wen but also looks like he has pom poms. I'm hoping he turns a blue color as I lost my blue oranda shortly after and he was one of my favorites. At the time I had a blue oranda, calico ryukin (female), bronze pom pom oranda, black moor, a couple of red caps, a calico oranda (female) and a calico ranchu (female), 80 gallon was severely overstocked then due to filter issues.
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