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  1. I would also love some! Been having a hard time finding tall plants
  2. How gorgeous! I am very envious! Tikus are at the top of my "must have" list... I just haven't had luck finding any! Looking forward to your future photos of them! :3
  3. Ack. I asked the guy to take a pic of the break. Looks like there are a couple repairs you can do (including getting a whole new top thing, thank you Acro!). Just have to figure out how much work we want to put into it.
  4. Hello there! So I have been doing a fishless cycle on my 55 gallon, and in the mean time have begun to think I will want more than just a few goldies. So I put up a wanted ad on craigslist for a 90. Someone messaged me that they have one with lots of extras, held water and was in great shape. He did however tell me that "the center brace is broken", but that wasn't a big deal. So dear Koko people...should I buy this? I offered $150 (he was at $200) and he accepted that. But if this tank is going to dump water on my floor, its obviously not worth it, right? Or can this be easily fixed?
  5. I know in a later post you said you don't have any magenta ones left...are any of these younger ones magenta?
  6. Only ever had a reaction to frozen blood worms. I ordered both soilent and super green along with meat pie (for my betta to try out). I don't have any goldies yet, so I'm not sure what I will end up getting as far as age and possible floatiness are concerned. Crossing my fingers that dandyorandas has another sale next week with some pearlscales! Thank you all so much for your help. This is a great forum, very happy I joined. And Tithra, I'm in your neck of the woods! I was in Burlington on Friday, and checked out Pet Advantage, they have beautiful fish! Is that where you got your two gorgeous guys? I think when I am cycled and ready, I will get some fish there... closest (nice place) with fish near me.
  7. I also keep hearing about koi clay...should I add that into my Repashy along with probiotics? Thank you all so much for your input...keep it coming!
  8. I guess my confusion is protein. Bloodworms are a no for me (huge allergy... tried it before with bettas). So if I weren't to supplement, would I be fine with the soilent green? Or maybe alternate days between my OO and super green?
  9. Is there a specific brand of probiotic you use? If I added that to my mix, would I need to bother with ProGold?
  10. Alright. So I was hoping I could get some opinions on some food I plan on ordering. I currently have Omega One sinking pellets which I realize now isn't the best. I love the Repashy foods (used to have cresties), and am not sure whether to buy the Super Green or Soilent Green gel mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am not opposed to buying both, but wasn't sure if that would be redundant. I was also going to buy some ProGold. Is that also a good idea, or are the gel foods enough? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hybrids would make sense, since there are both goldies and koi originally in there. They scoop out as many eggs as they find... plus the fish (and frogs which hang out...) eat a bunch of them. They give the black ones away often. I don't think I could count how many fish are in the pond.
  12. Yes, my father in-law does! And I know of a house down the road from me which also has a nice fish pond (I only know this because I wanted to buy the house! haha). I couldn't tell you how many gallons it is. I know that when they moved up here from the Hamptons (where they had a pond), they decided to build a pond at the new (kindof, house has been in the family since it was built) house. They rented a backhoe and dug a huge hole (learning curve, they hand dug the one downstate). They tell me it is over 6 feet deep. I would estimate its about 10 or more feet wide? I'm terrible at judging how big things are. I just know it is very large! They brought only their favorites up here with them, i think they told me about 6 total. They have multiplied... a lot. Its strange too. The ones from the original pond are very brightly colored. The ones born up here are all black. I am originally from Saranac Lake (MUCH colder there... about an hour from Malone), and know of two fish ponds that were thriving there.
  13. Thank you both so much for your fast responses! I'm pretty excited to get this going. Been contemplating it for a while. We will be hauling the tank over to our house this Saturday, and will be kickstarting The cycle with some media from my shrimp tank. What type of media should I get for the SunSun? I thought I had read that bioballs aren't really nessasary, and just filter floss/pads and the ceramic things are good? I'm used to simple low flow in tank filters...the canister idea has a bit of a learning curve for me! And dear lord... the pictures of the fish on DandyOrandas...making me drool!
  14. Hello there, I am in the process of aquiring a 55gal set up. My father in law has one in his basement, and he wants it out. He is also into fish, and has a huge pond in the back yard with koi and (very large!) goldies. The tank does hold water, has a stand, a python and comes with a filter (which is ancient) and some lights (also ancient). I plan on upgrading to a SunSun (the 4 stage canister filter, rated at 530 gph). For now, probably leave the lights be. I am new to goldfish, but not fish keeping. I started out with bettas, preferring 5gal planted/cycled set ups. I currently have a 5 gal, heavily planted tank with some blue neocardina shrimp. I just have some (ok... a lot!) questions regarding goldfish, specifically filtration/tank set up. I understand that you want to have 15-20 gallons of water per goldie (I am planning on fancies...ranchus & orandas...would 3-4 fish be too much in the 55?). And with that you need 10x filtration (from what I have read...about 7x if its a canister filter?). So for my 55 gallon, would the SunSun I am looking at suffice? Or would I need another filter? Also... for aeration, are bubble stone things nessasary? From my understanding, its surface agitation that increases o2 in the tank. So...are bubblers just for looks? Would I need any bubblers with that filter? UV filters...SunSun has models with a UV bulb... from what I have read here, they dont do a whole lot, other than kill free floating algea. If I am looking for somehting to kill potential bad bacteria, this isn't really going to do anything, correct? From what I have read, the models with the UV seems to break more. Not worth the upgrade? Temps... I am used to tropicals. Our house is kept around 65 in the evening and weekend days (when we are home) and 60 at night and when we are at work/away...would the ambient temp of the house be cold enough for the tank? Plants...I love the look of planted tanks. But goldies eat them. Are there any that survive well/goldies tend not to eat? I was thinking of getting potted plants, since it seems like substrate and goldies is more of a hassle than anything (am I wrong in this?). I really do not like the look of bare bottom tanks though. Would largeish stones be ok if I used my python weekly/when i see stuff accumulating? Food... Pro-gold is the best (supplimented with fresh geens)? Lastly (I promise!)...other than East Coast Ranchus, are there any other awesome breeders out there who ship? I live about 4 hours away from any type of nice fish store. Thank you! I am sorry for the barrage of questions...I have been scouring this forum (and my old betta forum) for about a week or so figuring stuff out
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