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  1. Maybe I'm crazy... but I see fuzzy stuff on a couple fry... is it too early to start with Prazi-Pro?
  2. That is an awesome pic! Looks like you caught him/her in the act!
  3. Some cool pics I thought I would share: And... more eggs!
  4. I ordered this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006Z76XR6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006OOO7V4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (along with extra bbs)
  5. My big guys have been breeding all summer/spring and I haven't seen any babies... I think they eat them all! Currently these guys are in a pyrex custard cup... not sure when to make the switch my spare 5 gallon. Contemplating one of those in tank breeder boxes/nets...anyone use these?
  6. I dont! I have a tiny amount in my 5 gallon... my shrimp keep it quite in check. I never thought I would regret that! My main tank has never had any though...
  7. No pet stores here. Free swimming starts around day four? I can upgrade my prime shipping and have bbs by monday night.
  8. Alright. So I had eggs... and now I have fry! They hatched yesterday morning. Future hubbs is now convinced that BBS are a good plan... but its now Friday so shipping wont be here until Monday or Tuesday, and I have no local stores that sell them. I've read on here about egg yolk and the repashy powder, both of which I have (for repashy I have meat pie, super green and soilent green). I guess my question is that I'm not sure when to start introducing food... and which one? I also have Prazi-pro... not sure when to start that either. I can't believe they hatched! Yesterday morning: Just now (sucked up debris and some water... added new water: Mom: Dad:
  9. I already notice a difference! I only had to take out one small section, and it fits snuggly across the width of the tank. Hopefully that did the trick...Thank you so much! Thank you so much for your offer...but I think I've got it sorted now!
  10. Oh! Awesome. So I dont need to have it up against the side... just pointed to that side? I am having such a brain fart today... sorry! I sound like a moron
  11. hm. My only worry is that my tubes arent long enough. Once the tank is empty (draining now...) I will try to make that work Thank you so much for your help!
  12. So move my intake more to the front of the tank? And I'm not sure I understand your suggestion with the spray bar. instead of pointing towards the front like it is now, try to get it to point to the left (the direction of poo corner)? I would have to take out some sections of the spray bar... does that matter?
  13. Please excuse the yuckiness... WC day! I have been playing with shoving the plant into the corner, along with trying to get the bubblewall to stay down... but Smaug does not approve and redecorates after all my efforts. Plant in the corner kindof works... I am still siphoning daily (depending on how bad)... but more is still getting trapped there. Anyone have a magic trick to keep the bubble wall down? Its a weighted one, but I cant seem to make the ends stay down... I guess the suction cup clips are in order. Poo Corner: Spray bar (its as far over to the left as I can get it...): Whole tank (ug... its a mess! Sorry!):
  14. Sorry for the long delay in replying everyone! It has been a crazy work week! I have been playing with the included spray bars quite a bit. Initially I had the outflow/spraybars in the middle of the back wall of the tank. I have since moved the bar to the far left (the intake is in the far right back corner). Hasn't seemed to make much of a difference. And the bubble wall is up against the back wall. Just about to do a WC... I can get a "before" pic if you want. I have this from before... terrible quality, but you get an idea of the set up...poo corner is the far left: I use the included spray bar, its kindof half in, half out of the water. One end dips in, the other "sprays" the top of the water. I will get a pic to better explain... words are failing me now!
  15. In my 55, I have a SunSun canister filter (rated for 525...I don't use the UV). Unfortunately even with my bubbler going along the whole back of the tank, I still seem to have a "dead" spot... which we have dubbed "Poo Corner". I am not sure which HOB I should get. Does anyone else have a similar set up? I am finding that the current seems to be too much already for my little butterfly, so I don't want to overwhelm her. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Thank you! I'm assuming/hoping the likelihood of any fry happening without my intervention is zero since I don't have anything to keep fry. They should all get eaten...right?
  17. So pretty! They don't eat your moss (java?)? I had (past tense! Lol) a marimo ball in my tank... now I have a few tiny shreds of it.
  18. I want to get some more plants for this one. I'm not big on decor, save for driftwood. I will pretty much do the same thing with the 150. And Aowyn is a girl! She was being chased relentlessly the day after I did a big wc...Smaug and Samwise are also definitely boys. I guess I now have to do another big wc... lots of eggs for such a tiny girl! I was quite surprised! Guess they like the tank
  19. Water changes are super easy! The debris that doesn't get sucked up into my filter just rests on top of the sand. Easy to see and suck up. I have a planted 5 gallon that has fluorite, and am realllly thinking about making that sand too, and just using root tabs (along with my other ferts). And thank you everyone! I am so in love with them! Glad you like them too
  20. And some more... dug out my camera. Have to fiddle with the settings more... but, better than my cell!
  21. Got my plants! Thank you again so much! Plopped them into my planted 5 gallon, hoping they get as big as yours and can go into the big tank!
  22. Here are some more that kindof show better size/colors/patterns. Eowyn has a really striking color pattern... which I am finding impossible to capture. Her base is white, with splashes of a deep orange, and black on her tail and dorsal edges.
  23. Alright. I kicked off my vacation with a few purchases since my cycle on my 55 was done. My fiance and I just purchased a 150 gallon (for $300, plus 2 canister filters, penguins, heaters etc!!! Talk about a steal!) and will be getting that next weekend. I think the big tank I will do white sand since this one has black. Anyways! Here are a few (terrible) pics and one (terrible) video. I will bust out my camera this weekend (we are going to the Ottawa ComicCon tomorrow!) and attempt better shots...I thought bettas were hard to capture...these guys NEVER stop moving! The ryukin is Smaug, ranchu is Samwise Gamgee and the butterfly is Eowyn. Smaug is HUGE... once the 150 is ready to go, I will put him in there. Sorry for the terrible quality!
  24. Was that at Eddie's? I saw that telescope on Sunday if it was. He was doing a lot of bottom sitting when I saw him though. I really like Eddie's for supplies, but haven't seen any stellar goldies, and I really dislike their betta displays along with what they market as homes for them. Isn't there a type of ryukin that's single tailed? Tomosaba I think? Not sure Eddie's is high end/specialized enough for that, but who knows! Which tank was he in?
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