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  1. Jealous! Can't wait to see them grow with you!
  2. I am obviously by no means a pro...but literally the first time I hand spawned my tele was by just picking her up to move her into a container because she was being chased so much. The boys seem to require a little more direct pressure... but my gir, at least super easy to get to release eggs.
  3. My guys have seriously spawned every week since spring. Always a day or two after my WC's. The temps don't swing too much. In the spring I was feeding a mixof different pellets, but for a last couple months I have been feeding repashy Soilent & super green (with a dash of meat pie in for good measure). I don't try to entice them to do this... it just happens! I know this isn't super helpful... thought i would throw in my 2 cents though. Good luck!
  4. Alright! The breeder net thing is awesome. They seem to be doing well. My phone has been boycotting taking pics of them for whatever reason (how it took better pics of them just hatched vs now I will never understand). So after like 5 minutes of getting a pic... I gave up and took a video. They have been upgraded from a teaspoon to a tablespoon! I cannt figure out how to embed this... so link: http://vid431.photobucket.com/albums/qq39/jackinthedacks/Mobile%20Uploads/20140820_170913.mp4
  5. Transferred them to the fry net thing... was just going to try it out for the evening, but actually I think they seem ok!
  6. Small update: I've been trying to be tell myself to be stern in terms of culling since there are so many fry... I've culled 5 so far. 2 because they were single tails, and three because they didn't swim well (one was always upside down). Its amazing how much they have grown, I can now see dorsals and love looking at their tails! Some already have much longer tail fins than others. Here is a quick updated pic of one of the medium sized fry in my tsp spoon I feel like my phone took better pics when they were smaller!
  7. ! No fun! Glad you seem to have it figured out now though... and hopefully it will stop shedding! Can I ask what is the VERY tall stemmy plant on the right? Anubias? I want it! I cant find tall plants for my tank And I have done the rag on a string trick for my tubes once since having my sunsun. Kind of a pain in the rear, but got the job done!
  8. I did! Started on Sunday. I'm not terribly worried, since I still have...48? But it just seemed odd.
  9. Found three dead this morning... no Idea why... one of the runty ones and two of the bigger ones. They all had full tummies too. Everyone else seems fine. Everyone is hanging out at the top of their tank today, its kindof interesting. Today I can see their tail fins with just my naked eye! So far they all look awesome! No dorsal sightings yet... I think its still way too early for that though? Pics later!
  10. Thank you both! The are a couple runty ones that I never really see full tummies on...Makes me wonder if they have a mouth deformity or something that I just can't see yet. Time will tell I suppose!
  11. Their tummies look different today! Its insane how much of a difference a day makes with them, I love watching them grow and change. My fiance I'm pretty sure thinks I'm nuts when I just stand there staring into their tank Also...should I worry about big size differences? I have some that seem about 1/2 as big!
  12. I currently have meat pie, soilent green and super green here. If I were to give them something, would you suggest meat pie for the protein? I wonder how big of a difference there is between that and spawn and grow. I have to handle blood worms with gloves (and even then very carefully), I have had violent allergic reactions to frozen/thawed BW's in the past...enough to want to stay very far away unfortunately!
  13. About a month ago I switched to just repashy... would...crumbled up pieces of the gel food work? Before I had the bbs, I was just doing the straight powder and it seemed to work. I'm fine with ordering some first bites though if that is the best option!
  14. Haha, yours and some of the pinned threads. They still seem so tiny to me. They are active and eating/pooping though... so I guess they are ok? I started prazi last night... so issues yet. Maybe that will help. I'm trying to find a definitive answer as to when to start other food besides bbs... what do you suggest?
  15. More baby shots. I feel like I am not getting awesome growth compared to other baby threads I've been reading on here. None have died though... so I guess I am doing something right?
  16. I feel like they have grown so much since I started the BBS! Counted the fry today, 51!
  17. Oh man...bbs were a hit! Sorry I have been slacking with pics... been working super late all week. Will try to get good pics friday!
  18. Not having much success with the little hatchery thing I ordered... made one per the youtube video... here's hoping! They are however eating the repashy powder! I chose meat pie for protien... for one feeding I gave them some soilent green. They seem to be doing well so far, I see bellies with stuff in them!
  19. Maybe I'm crazy... but I see fuzzy stuff on a couple fry... is it too early to start with Prazi-Pro?
  20. That is an awesome pic! Looks like you caught him/her in the act!
  21. Some cool pics I thought I would share: And... more eggs!
  22. I ordered this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006Z76XR6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006OOO7V4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 (along with extra bbs)
  23. My big guys have been breeding all summer/spring and I haven't seen any babies... I think they eat them all! Currently these guys are in a pyrex custard cup... not sure when to make the switch my spare 5 gallon. Contemplating one of those in tank breeder boxes/nets...anyone use these?
  24. I dont! I have a tiny amount in my 5 gallon... my shrimp keep it quite in check. I never thought I would regret that! My main tank has never had any though...
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