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  1. Heck yeah I can't wait for it to happen, I remember the first ranchu I saw was a chocolate chu and I wanted it so bad... I've yet to seen one again x---x Thanks Thanks! and yeah Sun-sun so affordable and great working. Thanks for your input ^__^ I can't wait to find a 3rd, so far these two have made me so happy. Thank you Heidi so much for your compliment ^__^ The tank is such a work in progress atm I can't wait till I have the bottom carpeted with tied down plants.
  2. Should I stick with the 2 Ranchu's I have inside my 72 gallon bow front, or would adding a 3rd be a possible option? I want my little guys to grow up safe so I'm considering going to the fish store today just to drool over all the other fish that can be in communities. But what IF I see that one fish that stuns me and I fall head over heels in love with it? Would I have to say no to it and just go home, or would it be safe to add a 3rd ranchu to my 72 gallon aquarium? Here's a video of the tank.
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