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  1. Heck yeah I can't wait for it to happen, I remember the first ranchu I saw was a chocolate chu and I wanted it so bad... I've yet to seen one again x---x Thanks Thanks! and yeah Sun-sun so affordable and great working. Thanks for your input ^__^ I can't wait to find a 3rd, so far these two have made me so happy. Thank you Heidi so much for your compliment ^__^ The tank is such a work in progress atm I can't wait till I have the bottom carpeted with tied down plants.
  2. Should I stick with the 2 Ranchu's I have inside my 72 gallon bow front, or would adding a 3rd be a possible option? I want my little guys to grow up safe so I'm considering going to the fish store today just to drool over all the other fish that can be in communities. But what IF I see that one fish that stuns me and I fall head over heels in love with it? Would I have to say no to it and just go home, or would it be safe to add a 3rd ranchu to my 72 gallon aquarium? Here's a video of the tank.
  3. I scored so hard core on a craigslist ad. 2x coralife double strip lights 2x glass lids for the 72 gallon tank, 1x bubble wand 1x fresh water master kit 1x bottle of cordon amquel+ 1 bottle of PH up 1 bottle of aqueon water clarifier 1 emperor 280 filter 1 marineland filter that's huge and has double filtration 1 half bottle of top fin water dechlorinator 1 algae scraper 2 fish nets 1 half empty bottle of tetra min fish flakes 1 full bottle of nutrafin max 1 bottle of kent fresh/marine detox 8 pack of maracyn mar del dissolving powder 1 72 gallon canopy All and all... 170$ well spent?
  4. Well now that i know genders, The girls name is Valentine, and the boys name is Cream Puff. That's so cool so glad I bought Valetine a buddy and got to find out genders by doing so. Didn't know she was a girl. Both bought from different locations, he was a 5 dollar gold fish, she was a 22 dollar gold fish xD Lady and the Tramp much?
  5. Oh it can? Alright works out then, Though Cream Puff might be angry bout his name
  6. Ah! Okay well I'm crossing my fingers I never get eggs, I wouldn't want to deal with the death toll, rehoming, fry raising bah just sounds frightening at this time xD But I'm glad they are coupling cause they always swim the tank together this is pretty adorable.
  7. Awwwwww that'd be so funny to find out Valentine is a girl, I'd have to rename it cause it comes off as such a boy name to me xD Thanks ^__^ I love them dearly oddly enough. Hmmm this was happening soon after a water change... Hope they don't try to breed... x---x its just a 72 gallon tank and I definitely don't have a pond. Glad to know I got a boy and a girl, and can tell who's what. Wonder what the babies would look like if they did actually do anything, since they are two different coloration types. Wonder which one is more dominant.
  8. So my two gold fish live inside of a 72 gallon bow front, with a big ole canister filter underneath keeping the water clean, I chose to add live plants and keep it bare bottom. Anyways... So the waters healthy, I feed them varied diets of blood worms, veggies, pellet food (That I soak before feeding to them), sea weed occasionally, duck weed. Anyways... So I assume there healthy.... But what the heck are they doing?
  9. Omgawed just had one recently, SO I went to go fishing in the dream, caught a bunch of random fish, filled some tanks up with the water from around it, and put them inside, all of a sudden the fish start growing too big for the tanks there in, become aggressive towards other fish, I put them in a bag, and magically the bag would write out what species of fish it was, one was a fire eel, another an apistogramma, one was a betta, one was a oscar fish, and one was some type of evil thing. Don't know. But was triply as heck cause I had to rehome the fish and my poor gold fish suffered from having things share the tank, also they grew at unnormal rates as if inches before my eyes, was a pretty creepy dream, all while in the dream I felt like a terrible fish owner, risking the lives of so many fish and my own current ones.
  10. Seems like it Long as I don't find out ones a dude and the other is female all will be good Your description of them swimming and playing is so cute!! Eventually you'll have to capture their playing on video and show us. ^__^ Will do I'll see if I can capture some of it tomorrow on my day off.
  11. Seems like it Long as I don't find out ones a dude and the other is female all will be good
  12. Haha I got tomorrow off so if you really wanna see feel free to drop by I love them too they are so adorable and omgawed they spend so much time together, they seem to really like each other. Like they'll swim the entire tank together, swim in spirals upwards and go in and out of the bubble wall together.
  13. Out of the passed 2 years of getting fish from them, I've never gotten a sick one... So yes. Yes I do trust them. ^__^
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuUC1ekzSns Was a bit eager today so went to fish store and fumbled across this beautiful gold fish, he has a few scales that shimmer so bright compared to the rest its epic. One of his gills looks odd but I don't know if it was born that way or happened elsewhere, but he looks healthy beyond that, and has been interacting with Valentine quite a bit, I'm going to call him Cream Puff.
  15. Thanks ^__^ I can't wait to add in more plants though. I agree less stocking will be the best, I'm going to just do a duo so it'll be easier maintenance. So can't wait till I find that ranchu that catches my heart like this one did.
  16. or...... L O V E R fish Oooh, LOVER waiting in the wings!! or...... L O V E R fish Oh god I hope not xD I don't have the space to handle a billion little ranchu babehs. but my ranchie has been swimming around the entire tank just back and forth side to side, zig zags, he's even stuck around behind the bubble line and swam in and out of it adorably. i'm so happy about the large amount of space my ranchie has.
  17. Yeah definitely was a salt water aquarium, They gave me a "Salt water for dummies" book, and there coralife lights, and this one is plenty bright XD
  18. Gonna get him a buddy eventually probably from my local fish store where I got him at :3 SO HAPPY!!!! ITS WONDERFUL!!!
  19. Hehe well they said they'll deliver Tomorrow around noon, so there will most definitely be pics, though I'm crossing my fingers SO MUCH that its leak proof, good lord that's the largest worry at the moment of buying second hand, but I have positive thoughts these are good people, since they said they miss owning fish, and only stopped doing it because they didn't want to risk the structure of there house could support the weight.
  20. Yeah I was kinda thinking just the two to be honest, have them grow up with each other, I love my ranchu' and I hear they do better with a buddy. Don't know if its true or not but I don't mind getting another ranchu. I'm pretty excited bout all this space, instead of the 20 long, I'll have 4ft of space to play with and aquascape with live plants, So excited. Thanks for your advice
  21. So upgrading from a 20 long, to a 72 gallon bow front. Curious... How many ranchu's can I have co-habiting inside at the same time? Also, is this an ideal tank for ranchu's to grow to full size?
  22. My little ranchu ran me 20 dollars, I was going to get my hands on a chocolate red ranchu but they said it was going to die soon they thought, because when they went at it with a net, it rolled into it, so I said "Grab me the smallest" and they surprised me with my little Valentine. Love it. But put me back 20 bucks. Which is totally worth it.
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