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  1. I sometimes notice a slightly earthy smell in mine but I don't think it smells bad. Of course I also am not bothered by the smell of fish food so maybe I'm not a good judge since that seems to bother a lot of people. Usually there isn't much smell at all. I gently squeeze everything out weekly in old tank water and haven't noticed any bumps in my cycle, so it never really gets that dirty. I buy filter floss in bulk and have a refillable bag and can just toss that part out. Just a thought, but have you tried adding the carbon into your filter? You don't need it but it's supposed to be good at absorbing odors, and with how often you change the cartridges out anyway you wouldn't need to worry that much about it. If you find that it works you can buy it in bulk and use a refillable bag. Only downside is you have to rinse it super well or it'll turn your media black coming back through the filter (the few times I've used it to pull something out of the water I put the pre-filter sponge on the intake so I can rinse it out a couple times a day for the first couple days).
  2. I don't know if this is something that matters to you or not but I have noticed that my tank stays about 2 degrees cooler when I have it partially open as opposed to having the hood completely shut, and is usually very close to room temperature, while with the hood shut it tends to be a little warmer. I tend to pull mine forward a little and then leave the door open. And when I have the light off/top completely off it's about 4 degrees cooler and actually slightly below room temperature (I think the ceiling fan also blows on it a bit). Depending on how warm your house is it might make a little difference if you notice your tank is a bit warm. Of course depending on the volume of water you have compared to how much heat your filter puts off that might be completely different for you...
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