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  1. Nope you aren't allowed to import any pet food from overseas. if u want to , you have to fill out forms from the Department of Agriculture , which will list all the ingredients and where they are sourced from etc. then you will get a import permit allowing you to bring it in. their reasoning is that they dont know if the animal or plants ingredients have been properly farmed - disease free etc even if its hikari or some other known brand that is available locally, it is still not allowed with out the correct permit.
  2. Just wanted to say hi from a fellow aussie i have bought their poly rectangular tubs too. great ponds
  3. try contacting Aquotix in Perth WA - i'm pretty sure they ship Was in there a few days ago and they had some impressively big bubble eyes. (considering they are bubble eyes and are difficult to get) i uploaded a video a few weeks ago , they have more in stock now youtube: Jwg1ZQSmehM
  4. Hi I'm no means expert but would like to throw a possibility out there. Could it be some sort of fish scoliosis due to lack of proper nutrients in the fish flakes? If it is I don't think/know if it's reverse-able.
  5. Well I figured because metro meds contain metronidazole which is a controlled anti biotic. Praziquantel is available on the shelf for pet use so I thought might be ok. Thanks for the number but I'll just see if anyone has any actual experience in whether they have brought it in before. Also metro meds contain animal by products which is another reason why it can't be brought in. I'm just after plain praziquantel powder.
  6. Hello fellow aussies Anyone know if it's ok to buy pure prazi powder online and get it shipped to Oz? I know certain anti biotics are regulated hence controlled and not allowed. But since we have prazi based products such as the Blue Planet fluke tablets, I'm hoping it's ok? Just that I want to treat quite a large volume of water without having to take out all my fish and put them in a small QT tank. Anyone with prior experiences? Thanks!
  7. Can u install those whirley birds?Or else u can get a dehumidifier?
  8. You can use pure sea salt too (cheaper than aquarium salt) and readily available in any supermarket like Coles / Woolies: http://www.mckenziesfoods.com.au/product/57/McKenzies_Australian_Natural_Sea_Salt And yup - i'm pretty sure the only meds available over the counter is the Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm tablet (available at city farmers, pet barn etc)
  9. What is your tap water pH? crushed coral is easiest as you dont have to worry about constantly adding it in (like bi-carb) every water change
  10. I thought fluke is too small to see with the naked eye? (need a microscope)
  11. hey Jye Look for Blue planet fluke and tapeworm tablets at city farmers (or your local pet stores.. where abouts in Australia are you?) Bottle looks like this : http://www.petcircle.com.au/product/blue-planet-fluke-tapeworm-tablets also, if money is an issue, Bunnings have these awesome tubs for like $16 each. They hold water very well and do not bow. i bought two, and each one can easily hold 50L. (using them for fry and QT etc). http://www.bunnings.com.au/storage-crate-handy-storage-54l-652x413x282-blue-hclbl_p2580613 (the website says $23, but i definitely bought mine for $16 )
  12. That they are!I totally recommend them! Definitely big dogs in little bodies. Haha Mine are quite small even for corgi standards though. This is my girl Hachi with a white shep and German shep cross for scale haha they say if u have never had a female corgi, you don't own them - they own you.
  13. yah she was just another pet store find ok i have probiotics (that i take ) , i'll mix it into hikari pellets that i made into gel food. thanks everyone for your help! really appreciate it! learnt so much about medications etc for gf
  14. yeh sometimes i wonder if jett would ever actually try and eat them... i dont take the chance though ahhaha he doesn't really like getting wet too.. ever so curious corgi
  15. last nights video: she was super perky this morning too
  16. First signs of real poop tonight! I'll be uploading a video soon Umm I just bought the tri sulfa. Should I still use it? And do I just dose as per bottle same time as metro?
  17. LOL Nugget very nice curve on the back and decent headgrowth The way he wiggles his butt when he swims is so cute! great find!!
  18. thank you for the kind words ive been feeling a bit sad from my other sick one but when i saw these guys chasing each other, made me happy again. haha the white one is a bit too fat though i think.. she's pretty greedy.. lol
  19. Yah i also saw a LOT of sand in the tank. she must be finally passing it LOL But definitely swimming more and off the bottom, like she's trying to stay mid-float
  20. So on a lighter note, my other chus are starting to get frisky due to warmer days. It's very hit and miss though. . The weather that is lol And my corgi Jett would looks very confused... haha Ranchu chase, corgi watch:
  21. Wee I'm happy to report she is somewhat swimming around today! I know she's not completely out of the deep but I'm glad she's not just bottom sitting anymore
  22. Ok great thanks will get the tri sulfa tmr Btw I'm having trouble getting the prazi and metro to dilute completely even though I grind up into fine powder. Any tips?
  23. She has a sore from parking too Poor thing
  24. No I took out the Epsom but added 0.1% salt because she is on prazi too. Should i still use epsom? I didn't think she needed anymore because she has been fasting for 9 days and not pooping or eating. Today was first time she ate. I only managed to get metro. I can tri sulfa if u think I should have it on hand? I was worried about sand because she hasn't been in sand substrate tank for 9 days o_o
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