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  1. I went to her house yesterday and we set up a 10g with a filter. It's not cycled and I know the tank is too small, but for now I feel much better about the fishes health. She has a 25g that she's going to move it to eventually. She was very eager to learn and listened to all of my recommendations.
  2. Thank you for the advice! I'll definitely try your suggestions
  3. My cousin recently bought a goldfish from petsmart and is keeping it in a small glass bowl. She says she knows it needs a filter and will get one "some time". I'm trying to explain to her that goldfish produce lot's of waste and need big tanks. To start, I'm giving her an old 8g and filter of mine to at least keep the fish alive for a little while. I'm going to attempt to educate her on goldfish without being pushy, any tips?
  4. I was at Petco the other day buying a fish and the employee reminded me to keep up with weekly water changes. I told him I actually prefer to do three small water changes a week rather than one big one and he said that would shock the system of the tank. I always thought the beneficial bacteria lives in the filter and that you can't do too many water changes, was I wrong?
  5. It looks fantastic! And it's even better in person
  6. I was doing 50% water changed, but stopped because they didn't seem to be making a difference
  7. The ammonia was at .25, so I added some fish food and will test again later
  8. I stopped adding it for a week or so, but just added some the other day. I haven't tested the ammonia for a while
  9. The nitrates are currently between 5 and 10 ppm. I stopped doing 50% water changes a week ago because they didn't seem to be doing anything. The nitrite reading right now is 5ppm.
  10. The nitrites still haven't gone down even the slightest bit. Is there something else I could be doing to move it along?
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