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  1. I have not tuned the heat on in the house yet, so that is about as cool as it has gotten in the tank so far, the tank without the heater is always a few degrees cooler than the room. We keep the house pretty cool when everyone is gone during the day and when we are sleeping - 60 degrees or below. To get a variance of only three degrees I would need to do two smaller water changes a week, if I did the regular weekly change the temperature change would very more like 10+ degrees, so then I was taking the fish out and adjusting the temp to match - which is more stressful for the fish, temp change or hand catching and moving?
  2. I use a heater in the main tank because with the cooler weather, the tank temp is dropping to 60 degrees. I use 15 two and a half gallon jugs to age my water in, I don't have another large tank to age water in, the jugs work well as I can easily carry and pour them. I'm wondering how much is too much of a temperature fluctuation?
  3. I have to let my water age so that the pH will remain consistent. Over the summer there was no noticeable temperature fluctuation when I did a the weekly water change, however now that the heater is back on the aged water and the tank water differ. Last winter I took the fish out of the tank when I did the water change and raise the tank temp with hot water. This summer was great not having to take the fish out of the tank. So my question is: which is less stressful for my fish - catching and moving them once a week to a container while I get the tank temp the same on the digital thermometer, or doing two smaller(40%) water changes a week with a temp change around 3 degrees or so and leaving them in their tank??
  4. Nice pictures of your fish, what a good way to document them.
  5. Wow! It was really fun to catch up on this thread. Your fish babies look great, I assume the baby baby is doing well too !
  6. Oscars have such cool patterning, and yours are great examples.
  7. Great swimming pool, I mean tank! Looking forward to watching your creation unfold!
  8. Going into work early to cover someone else's vacation....
  9. Happy Monday, good luck to those of you starting school!!!!
  10. I would also like to hear what the forum has to say as my black moor's eyes almost seem to spin when he swims fast, especially the one that turned red for a few weeks with an apparent injury.
  11. When you buy a pretty shelving unit to hold the 18 cleaned out cat litter containers you use to age water in every week.
  12. It is the big head of the pin that is sticking out so the cat can't find a place to put his paws, not the pokey end
  13. On the topic of cats and furniture - I used packing tape held sticky side up in place with straight quilting pin. The tape got all twisty so I removed it and just left the pin sticking out - so far so good (hopefully I did not just jinks this!)
  14. Great looking tank. I want to move to more live plants, but I have not done the research to do it yet. :/
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