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  1. oh dear. heart goes out to you kim. and to little panda too. good thoughts your way....
  2. yay, and sure hope so! i'd love for that pinkish tinge to fade from her tail fin, but i think i just keep an eye on it at this point. i'm guessing that's what you'd do? four more days and she's done with meds, should i do her prazi in the QT?
  3. sorry so blurry. low light and she swims so quickly! there is also a white spot at the top of one of her gills -- it's been there also, since early sept. i can't tell if it's fuzzy or not... it doesn't appear to have a raised profile. it has not changed size.
  4. hi sharon. pics to follow. here is the original image from 5 or 6 sept. (beginning of this thread, there were two more by the pectoral fin as well)
  5. hi allie! here's good wishes for darling hugo! what a dear cutie! good vibes from oregon xristina
  6. dear kim, i'm so sorry that barney didn't make it. here are good thoughts for your little panda telescope and the rest of your darlings (i think you have more!). melusine aka xristina
  7. hi taryl, a note to check in after several days. things have been busy around here! today is day 5 of meds in food for wilhelmina (metroplex+oxytetracycline/focus). she is gobbling it up at every opportunity! i give her small amounts about 3x daily. -i've kept up on the water changes with prime for the 10 gal QT, though as of tonight the mature media seems to be kicking in nicely and bringing ammonia to between 0-.25ppm within 24 hours of a water change. there have been no nitrites in the QT, and just now i see occasionally what i'd call trace nitrAtes. no salt, no heat, no meds in water (last 4 days). this is day 19 in the QT for her. -by about day 2 of feeding meds, she did seem less anxious. this could be a result of lowering the temp as we did, no meds in the water column, help from the meds, getting used to the QT, etc. who knows? but she looks 'better' to me -i do still see the overall pinkness in the caudal fin, but no big hemorrhages or veins. i can get a close-up image at some point soon if you like. her behavior looks normal. with the biomedia doing nicely i'm going to do water changes every 48 hours and see what that does. i think at some point she's going to need prazipro, right? is it a good idea to dose prazi while she's on the med food or wait? her tank mates in the 40 have just completed round 3 of prazi. sharon is advising me regarding star bright's red scales (she's had 3 salt dips, and perhaps will have more) on the other thread. update posted there tonight as well. whew! anyhow, hope this is not too leggy a post thank you again and will be glad to hear what you think at this point. salute! xristina
  8. hi sharon. sorry for the long delay in replying. it's been a busy week. i have yet to try star bright in the dip at 2.5%. i hope i have not set back her healing too much. with my limited time, i've been focusing on the water changes and wilhelmina in the QT. i have kept up with the water changes on this 40 gallon (main tank) and today is the last day of prazi round 3. (five day rounds) as of today: -both star bright (this thread) [and her tank mate in the 40, trixie, asymptomatic] are both looking good. no behavioral issues. fins displayed, no bottom sitting, huge appetites, etc. mating behaviors, too. -water parameters have remained steady - pH 8.2, NH3 0, NO2 0, NO3 0-5ppm. there has been no salt. only prazipro. no heat, room temps at 70F. -i still see the reddish areas on star bright's scales (no major changes as far as i can see). i'm not sure if i should continue dips until that disappears? i'm not sure just what i'm looking for, in terms of when to cease prazi treatment and/or salt dips. thank you for your guidance through all this. should i continue prazi treatment and salt dips as i am able? or hold off? --wilhelmina in the QT is improving, on day 5 (of 10) of metroplex/oxyt food. she will likely need prazi treatment at some point, but i'll pose that question to taryl in the wilhelmina thread.-- thanks again, christine
  9. hi sharon! for the next salt dip should i do 2% or 3%? and some big picture questions: - is a shorter dip at higher concentration 'better' than a longer one at lower concentration? - what do we look for to know when to stop them? no more redness at the scales? (also, getting a utility sink for the basement next week! thinking ahead to water changes and drainage! )
  10. sending good thoughts your way for your dear babies. you're in good hands, shelbysfish i always think it's best to let the mods advise on meds and treatment, -- adding a medicine that is not appropriate for the fish can do much more harm than good. hang in there, you've got the pros on your side!
  11. hi kim! i just stick the pothos cuttings right in to the tank between the glass of the cover and the back wall. some folks contain the roots, but i just let mine hang there, like mikey had in his tank, too. they get some nice light from a nearby window, and really do well!
  12. so far so good wow a late night for me. salute, taryl! and thanks a million...
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