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  1. I have a 30g with two fancies and they are fine. I do 50% water change weekly. I have an AC70 hob which exchanges the water 10.7x per hour, and a Fluval C2 (for backup) which adds another 4.25x exchange. I believe your fish will be healthier with some company. Life should not be lived alone. Like all other living things I feel they need companionship for optimum health, relieving stress, and overall happiness. Have fun & good luck
  2. Ish..... and all this time I thought...... I'm disgusted. Who knew? re-washing all my underclothes
  3. I saw someone pick out 4 goldfish, leave the store, put them in the storage under a motorcycle seat, and ride off. Craziest thing I've seen for quite some time. What can I say... it made me laugh
  4. Goldfish are better off eating sinking food anyway due to swim and bladder diseases associated with floating foods. You can soak the pellets for about 5-10 minutes and mash them with a spoon against the side of the cup to release air in the food so that they sink a bit. You can also soak the flake foods for several minutes then add them to the tank. See if this helps You can also give fresh spinach, veges & fruits using a clip with a suction to stick it to the side of the tank
  5. Thank You dnalex. Very interesting reads. Can't wait for your next article. I appreciate it very much
  6. Hi. Yes. You can use these substrates. I use a medium-large size natural pebble. I also use a med-large size rocks substrate. I keep my filter intakes an inch above the surface and have never had a problem. I have no experience with black sand or sponge filters. I am hoping someone with experience will jump in for your support. You may want to start another thread with those topics as titles. There are lots of threads you can search here for answers as well. Have fun. Good luck
  7. Of course you can use one filter if you choose. However, If you read this forum you will understand that goldfish require more filtration than tropical fish and you may want to consider adding filtration that will turn your tank water over 5 to 10 times total per hour. 10x turnover per hour is what is recommended here as a rule for goldfish. Having another filter will help to achieve this goal as well as insure the safety and health of your fish in the event that one of the filters fail. You can achieve this goal using any type of filter you choose ie: canisters or HOB (hang on back). Just something to consider for the health of your fish and tank maintenance. Please read threads on this site about filtration, fish health and tank maintenance.
  8. Sorry for the short response of 'thanks' above, I had to run! I really appreciate all of your concern and help. I have been unable to reach him to re-lay information. I texted him and referred him to KoKo's so he can take care of it, although it's probably too late. I've decided not to get involved with this person in this matter, I don't think he takes his fish seriously like some of us Thank you Daniel for your help in contacting dnalex the GREATONE. Thank you Mikey. Thank you dnalex. Thank you ahardeay. I appreciate it.
  9. My preference is the Eheim. I use the classic canister filters. Just read the reviews about them on the net. You won't regret! Edit: Just want to add that if $$ allows, you might want to look at the Eheim Classic 2217. It will provide more filtration for your size tank. I use 2 of them on my 60g. They are silent and very well built. The 250 will be OK but you should still add another filter to supplement it as well.
  10. Hi everyone, I was just wondering what your opinion is of API GENERAL CURE which is available readily in Petsmart & Petco. It is a powdered treatment for parasitic fish disease, gill & skin flukes, swollen abdomen, wasting disease, hole-in-the-head. I took notes: Active Ingredients: 250mg Metronidazole and 75mg Praziquantel per packet. Has anyone used it? How effective was it? A friend of mine is treating his 40g tank (with 4 common goldfish) with this product. I don't remember ever reading this product mentioned on this site. He has salted the water, 1 Tblsp. per 5 gallons and added one packet of the General Cure per 10g of water to his tank per the instructions. Unfortunately, I don't live closeby so I can't really follow exactly what's going on but just wondering if I could pass along any advice? Thank you in advance
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