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  1. I've always wondered if people who own goldfish with soft bubbles need to follow any specific measures. Thisvansweres my question. Very interesting thanks
  2. Surely you need to make sure that crown doesn't get stuck on anything? No wood? She just looks so fragile. So beautiful
  3. Oh wow. I've never seen anything like her. She is amazing. Must be extremely difficult to keep a fish like that
  4. Ergh. Today is really not my day. Just wanted to sterilize the airstone with hot water. Pulled on the tube and the plastic tip that connects the tube to the air pressure unit broke. No airstone tonight
  5. Hi I have ordered a 500ppm on it was the one that would arrive soonest. The 1100ppm one would have arrived sometime in January. I can just double dose this one? I have a allpondsolution 1000EF. It does 1000L/h. That's 264gal/h. I have a 30 gal aquarium at the moment. With a spraybar for the filter output that agitates the top. I have an airstone in my qt tank at the moment with my third fish, who was egg impacted but now is healthy. I have just waited to put her back because I wasn't sure what was happening in my main tank. I can put the airstone in the main tank tonight and will get a second one tomorrow. I have added half the melafix. I will add the rest. Blacky is acting good surprisingly. He had been clamping under the spraybar the whole day, but although he looks far worse, he is now swimming about sifting through the gravel his fins erect.
  6. Will melafix be ok with little lemon and the bristlenose pleco or do I need to remove them? Which silver should I order? The two first ones don't say 1100ppm but I can order them with prime so they should be there Monday at the latest. The thits one says 1100ppm
  7. I have metronidazole, kanaplex, triple sulfa, furan 2 and ethromycin. We didn't use the before because Alex thaught they were to strong for his state.
  8. I'm scared to move him anymore than I did, I found 6 scales at the bottom of the tub I was using to swab him. He is acting fine at the moment. I have found 3 possibilities for the colloidal silver on UK Amazon. If I buy it from America it won't get here until after Christmas. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B000NRYTES/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr0_1?qid=1418930468&sr=8-1-fkmr0&pi=AC_SX110_SY165 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B005HSG1MG/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr0_2?qid=1418930468&sr=8-2-fkmr0&pi=AC_SX110_SY165 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0011DN7YQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1418930468&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SY200_QL40
  9. Oh no I feel like crying right now. I followed solid holds instructions on doing the swab. But he really struggled and now his whole side is red and there is a patch that looks caved in slightly and as if he is bleeding without anything coming out. I have the lights out right now to destress him and he us in the main tank. He is swimming about with his fins raised which he barely did allday. But I don't know if it's just adrenaline. I think I made everything worse.
  10. I want you to gently swab the area on the side to get the fungus off.... Dont rub! Then if you can treat him with Melafix.... Separate if you can.... I would also like you to get if you can if not no biggy Colloidal Silver Highest Potency 1,100 ppm http://www.amazon.com/Colloidal-Highest-Innovative-Natural-Products/dp/B001N1EOR0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1418926951&sr=8-1&keywords=colloidal+silver+1100 Like this... Its an antibiotic that we can do and give baths in... Ok I will do the swab. Should I set up qt for him to treat with melafix or do a bath? I will get the silver
  11. 1 day old tank water Ammonia 0.25 (still) Nitrites 0 Nitrates 40 Ph 7.4 to 7.6 2 day old tp water Ph 7.4 to 7.6 Edit: I ordered some hydrogen peroxide that should get here tomorrow but I'm going to walk to the nearest drugstore and see if they sell it, since I called my lfs and they don't.
  12. I'll test both the tank water and the two day old tap water right now. And then after I did the wc I will retest tg e rank.No I don't just potassium oermanganate. I can try and find out if tg e local drugstore sells it. I have also filmed blacky and will post once uploaded
  13. I am sincerely worried that this is fungus, since his behaviour has deteriorated over the last days. I'm tempted to either use melafix or extra salt or remove him into a qt tank. He really isn't happy and I just want to help him. The fuzzy stuff is getting longer and I don't know what it could be.
  14. He started doing this yesterday evening and today this is what he us doing constantly. He is sitting under the spraybar of my filter
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