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  1. I would imagine that cutting tg e roots spurs on new growth? I've not really cut mine so far. Maybe I should
  2. You are extremely skilled at making things and I'm in awe. One day when I have my own house and garden I will make a pond and come back to these tutorials. Thank you for taking the time to post these.
  3. Just did another 50% wc. I feel really bad about the debris I don't know where it is coming from. The filter wasn't that dirty. I searched tg e internet and found another website that sells colloidal silver. So I ordered it as well for back up. It says it should arrive between 3-5 days (which is the same as the other one) and that it can take up to 19 days but I'm hoping one of both of them will arrive soon. I'm starting to feel pretty overwhelmed I must say. And I'm just so glad I have this forum and that you Koko are helping me out and using your spare time on this. I think I would have had a mental break down otherwise. It is now very late here and I'm going to go to bed. But if you think it's best to move him into qt again I will do that tomorrow. The obvious plus point in doing this is that I can keep things a lot cleaner, since I can do 100% wcs and scrub tg e qt with boiling water (if it's ok to move blacky daily). My concern however is mainly the 6 day trip. Which us already a concern in itself without the fish being in an uncycled qt. And I do not know how black y will react to being separate from lemon again. He hates qts
  4. Argh. Due to cleaning the flat from top to bottom (sister and her bf staying with us and flat inspection tomorrow) and having my water in the ranks for qt daily my hands have broken out into a horrible mess of eczema. Hmm needs some good cream Are those biscuits? Pretty.
  5. Beautiful. You are very skilled. Real Shame you need to tear it down but sure you will create Smyth beautiful instead. Are there any fish in it.
  6. I hope you get him healthy and back on his fins. Healing vibes to Leo
  7. I'm so sorry about Cleo. May she rest in peace. I'm sure you made tg e right decision. When her life quality just wasn't there anymore...
  8. Yes I don't know why that happened. I did an 80% water change and did a really thorough sift of the floor. Took all the stones and the big plants out. I hadn't done the filter clean at that point. But I have now. It doesn't normally do it but sometimes it gets very bubbly. Didnt really notice it until after I put the melafix and salt in. The water is clear now. But I can do another wc. I have a big tub but can only fill it to about 20 gal without the walls of it bending too far out. I can put him in there for now. However in a week I am unfortunately leaving for a week to see my grandparents and my dad who I only see once a year. So I can't really not go. The filter is a allpondsolutions 1000EF. That's a canister that does 219 gal/h.
  9. Hehe. Drama llama. I've never seen so many llamas in one go
  10. Videos http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0092_zpsxijy3wfl.mp4.html http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0091_zpstrvahhbv.mp4.html
  11. Ok so we cleaned him up. We didn't get absolutely everything but we did gst a lot of it. We did a lot of swipes. I hope not too many. A lot of his scales fell off. It really doesn't take much. We really don't press down. Tgey just come off Still a lot of red and pink. When I hold him he keeps still for a bit and then flaps. He started clamping and breathing pretty quickly so we called it quits. As soon as we put him back into the aquarium his fins were up and he was happy again.
  12. Do you mean I should use tg e 0.3% without diluting it? I took the filter apart and cleaned it shortly before black y jumped. So about two weeks ago. Would it be worth cleaning it again to get the fungus out.
  13. I do have anti fungus treatment but I guess it's just too strong for him. To me it looks even worse today I will do an 80% wc again and then swab him. I just wanted to check with you I have both a 0.3% and a 0.6% solution. I used the 0.3% solution yesterday and did the 50/50 solution. Was that right?
  14. I agree with getting a timer. It will save you a lot of hassle and it's good for the plants to have regular hours. It's already looking great Happy planting
  15. This morning his side is pretty fluffy again Video http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0089_zps0wpmhk46.mp4.html From above
  16. Video http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0087_zpst2afja7t.mp4.html
  17. Yes it's a nice reddish pink. We just did the swab. I held him and my bf swabbed him so it went a lot better. He still struggled though. We didn't get all the fluff off but a good chunck of it. Didn't want to do all to many swabs. We did 6 but not on the same area. Again he lost scales. Two tgus time. And the scales look raised and very pink underneath. It's not as bad as last time but it's not a pretty site. There still is some fluff Did the 80% water change and redosed melafix and salt to 0.1%. He's acting good
  18. Ok I'll do it. Really scared to hurt him but it's better the fungus is gone. At least this time my bf us there. I was really struggling to keep him still last time which caused the damage
  19. Yes melafix is at full dose since yesterday. I was going to change 50% but I can do up to 80% with out removing blacky. I have two buckets of water standing for. 24h though. I know I wish I'd found a faster silver. Unfortunately it's not really sold in the UK and all the other ones would have arrived sometime in January. It's because of Christmas
  20. Thanks koko. Its good to hear you think it is Vetter. Ans i think ans hope you're right The silver will arrive between the 23ed and 31st. Unfortunately it was the fastest I could get.
  21. Todays Update. Blacky is still acting good. Little Lemon is startled very quickly ans sometimes swims very fast as my bf describes it in circles. They are both very keen on food. The white fuzz us pretty big on blackys bad size and pink shines through. The white spots on his good side have started to disappear. I will change the water a little later and will do tests of the parameters before. I have taken both photos and films of blacky because it's very difficult to get a picture if 're fuzz. It's mainly visible sideways and he moves very fast when I'm near the tank. Full tank. There is gravel, stones, two java ferns and crypts. Blacky Films http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0085_zpslghocxwx.mp4.html http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0086_zpswrwcndcs.mp4.html
  22. Evening guys sorry I've not updated. My family is coming tomorrow and I was very busy getting things ready. Blacky is acting good. Not quite his crazy previous self but no bottom sitting or clamping under the spray bar. The white fuzz has grown quite a lot again. I did a 50% wc and added the full dose of melafix and topped up the salt. I got two new airpymps and there running in the tanks I will post the pictures and tg e test results tomorrow.
  23. He is doing ok. He is swimming about fins raised. He didntblike me switching the lights on the tank on so I switched t gem back off. He is jumpy. His bad side is still red/pink but there is a lot more white stuff over the top of it again. I think I just made things worse yesterday. I have no idea what tg e white stuff is. Maybe it's part of the healing maybe it's fungus. At least he isn't bottom sitting or clamped under the filter output spray bar. But
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