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  1. Yes it's an expedit. It did really good with the 30 gal. But tg e question was already raised here by Jason and then today I saw the size of the tank. And yeah ordered the stand.
  2. He is doing ok. At the moment swimming about fins raised in qt. So far only one moment of bottom sitting maybe because of boredom?
  3. Blacky in the bath http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0101_zpsvsvq8xxy.mp4.html http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0102_zpswczgv90t.mp4.html
  4. Hey. I put him in qt early this morning. I then left a bowl standing with water after you mentioned it for the silver bath. He is currently in the bath. He's been in it for 5 min. I'm not sure he likes it to much. He keeps wriggling. I think it might just being trapped. How do I know if he can't take it anymore. When we came back after running some errands we caught him the first time in many days bottom sitting :/
  5. I hope so. They might not know what to do with themselves. I have decided to order an aquarium stand. I don't want to take the risk.
  6. Great news. My new tank finally arrived today it's huuuge. Standing on the floor right now. I have decided to wait until I am back from my holidays in two weeks to set it up and move my babies. I will set up the new filter with my old tank and the old filter for now.
  7. Hehe exactly. Maybe not 've too precise with what you forgot. So he has to spend some time wondering which type of potatoe...
  8. Send him off to do a task for you like shopping then bam sneak it in
  9. Oh wow. That's a lucky baby. Good you decided to clean that filter. Congrats granny
  10. Should I do the silver today or tomorrow. How important is it to leave tg e water standing for 24h. Is that because of ph?
  11. Great just thought I'd mention it in case. I will remove some gravel, do the waterchange and the silver.
  12. Thanks Susanne. I want to fight thisKoko. I meant to mention that my new 63 gal tank will arrive today. And it's filter tomorrow. I'm not sure whether I should just move them in there without gravel. I'm worried about a cycle bump while I'm away though. Otherwise I'll do as you said
  13. Todays Update. After his swab the day before yesterday, the fungus was still there but more patchy. Yesterday I didn't do a swab and the fungus grew. I will post pictures below. I did a swab this morning and the good news is that there was a lot less red and less scale loss. There definitely still is a lot of fungus even though it us difficult to tell sometimes between the transluscent scales and the fuzz. Then I did a big tank roulette this morning. And cleaned all the tanks. Big Red, little lemon and tg e snails are back in the main tank and Blacky is in a squeaky clean 20 gal qt tub. We did his swab before putting him into qt. The qt has mekafix and salt in it and an airstone. The main tank now has nothing. I decided to order a 20 gal interpret tank with a lid and filter instead of buying a filter because the tub bends outwards and has no lid. It will arrive tomorrow and blacky will be moved to it. The bowl I have is exactly one gallon. I'm ready to do tg e silver bath whenever I'm instructed to do so and how. Throughout blackys behaviour has been really good. He is behaving pretty calm now when I do the swabs. Here are the pictures of blacky before I moved him and swabed him. http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0099_zpsahoj2nno.mp4.html
  14. Ok. I'm going to have to do all this tomorrow. I had a crazy busy day. We had a flat inspection. Then My parents arrived, and we had to do our Christmas shopping which we hadn't done yet. I will go get a filter tomorrow morning. Then I will set up blacky in the qt where the log and snails are currently and add those back in the tank. I will let you know exactly how big the bowl is but I think 1 or 2 gallons.
  15. I'm leaving on the 27th. That's next Thursday. No I don't have a small filter. I'm not sure it would cycle in time? I have never done a salt dip. I normally use a bowl while I'm cleaning their tank. I'm not sure if it's too big. It's not as big as a bucket but he can swim around it. So am I getting this right. Um setting up a 20 gal qt for blacky. And then separately we will do a silver bath. The silver is 500ppm.
  16. Soo cute. And cudoos on you for adopting the little wriggler.
  17. I can't believe its the same fish either. It's always amazing how much they can change
  18. You don't need that on top of all of what you're going through with all three fish. And the job-stress. I'm following along with the poo updates day by day. At least she's excited about the peas - and Blacky is doing better too. I didn't realize how BIG Blacky was until I saw the full tank photo. No I really don't. I just want everything to calm down and for my fish to be happy and healthy again. Thanks for checking in.Blacky is a whopper. And he still has a lot of growing ahead of him if he pulls through this. He is only a year old. I need to get a good scale and weigh them all someday. And I need a pond
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