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  1. Blackys water on the other hand has some really bad values. The filter definitely wasn't cycled. Ammonia 0.25 to 0.5 Nitrite 0.25 to 0.5 (more 0.25) Nitrate 40 to 80 ppm Ph 7.4 to 7.6
  2. Just did a test on the main tank. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 40 ppm to 80ppm (more 40, orangy) Ph 7.4 to 7.6 Nothing obvious that should make her clamp so much?
  3. Just got back home. All the fish are still alive. Blacky only has one white spot and a streak on his tail. Big red however is clamping her dorsal fin. I've never seen her clamp it quite as much. Obvious sly I'm immediately going to do watertests and change the water.
  4. I thought it might be. Did you ask them specifically for a ginormous one?
  5. It's really sad about your planted tank it was amazing. But I do get the cleaning issue and appreciate myself to be able to take out the wood and clean underneath. Your Glenwood looks amazing and so does the anubias. Can't wait to see the results. Where did you get you're wood
  6. Thank you guys. There my babies, so I can't help but worry. But I know there is nothing else I can do. Wish I had a babycam though to watch the fish from a distance
  7. I left blacky in qt. I'm not sure if it was the right thing. It was a toss up really. Little lemon was absolutely fine. Big red was clamping even after the extra wc. But I tested the nitrates and they were 40ppm, same as the tap. Can't get them lower. I don't know what's bothering her. Little lemon bullies her a bit. She does perk up when I approach the tank and swims about all the time. But smthg is making her unhappy. I guess again I will find out when I'm back. I don't know if I did anything right.
  8. So i did another waterchange and silver dip on blacky before I left. I am already worried sick about the fish. I don't think I'm going to enjoy these dayys away
  9. I do have a pothos plant in the main tank. I hope that thrubeill be ok. I really do
  10. It doesn't look fuzz like. But it's not flat. Hmm. I'll do another watercgange. Unfortunately thought because of London tap water my starting of point is 40ppm nitrates. I have plants, terrestrial and aquatic and I used to use nitrazorb. But I don't know what else to do.
  11. Hi. So I just did a waterchange on the main tank and gave big red a silver bath. She was doing good after I put her back in. I waited a bit before I switched the filter back on and the noticed that she started clamping again. I think she might not like the current. I did a api test. Here are the values. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 80-160 80 is the general value it gets to before I do a wc. Ph 7.6 Then I did a wc on blackts at and boiled everything. I gave him a silver bath and a silver swab. I resided mekafix and salt. He is looking good but there is a dot of white on his tail that appeared two days ago that is worrying me. I tested the values on his tank Ammonia 0? Nitrite 0 Nitrates 80? Ph 7.6 I am leaving tomorrow and at the moment am not sure wether to leave him in the qt tank or put him into the main tank. The at tank does have a lid and it makes me feel safer. I will be gone for 5 days.
  12. I will do a good clean and wc on the main tank tomorrow. I will also give big red a silver bath. I unfortunately do generally have about 40ppm nitrates in the tap. And I find the reds very difficult to read. So I'm not sure quite how much nitrate buildup there is. But 0 ammonia... He is looking so much better. I'm so glad. Again thanks for all your help
  13. Blacky is continuing to improve. I did find him hiding for a while when we came back from being out and about. But once I was back pottering in the kitchen he came out and did the feed me dance. Tank values Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 40-80 Oh 7.6 I'm still not sure if this rank is cycled or not. I do find it odd that ammonia is at 0. Blacky poops a lot. But no nitrites I did a wc. Boiled everything in hot water. Did his bath and swab. All his dead scales are now off and the skin underneath looks good. He does have a new tare I think though. One of the tips of his causal fin is missing. Everything in the main tank is good except that big red gas been clamping a lot
  14. Thank you guys. Yes he is looking so much better. I'm just about to repeat the same procedure. Our travel plans have changed and we will now leave on the 28th at midday. So I should be able to get at least two more waterchanges, baths and swabs in before I leave. Just a bit worried about a nitrite spike while I'm gone.
  15. It's looking great. So exciting. Cute little fish. So sorry about your crab.
  16. The main tank. After I did a second wc, removed gravel and added a drop of silver the water cleared up. Big Red and little lemon eere doing great. However little lemon has a tare in her pectoral fin this morning Parameters Ph 7.6 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 40-60
  17. Goodmorning, Sorry I didn't post an update yesterday. With family here for Christmas it was chaotic and I barely had time to do a'll tg e water changes and dips necermind posting. Bkacky is doing a lot better. I will post pictures below. After the bath and the swab we cleared away a lot of tg e fungus. He has lost a lot of scales but the skin undeneqth us black not read. The bits of fungus left are few and patchy. He us definitely better and getting back his spunk. I tested the water in his qt tank yesterday and today before I did water changes. Test 1 Ammonia 0 Nitrutes 0 Nitrates 40 Ph 7.6 Test 2 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 40-60 Ph 7.6 I don't know if I had an instant cycle by seeding the tank or no cycle yet. But the 0 ammonia makes me wonder. Here are pics from today
  18. Im sorry your new baby isn't feeling well. Filling out this form should help the mods figure out what is wrong with her. Hope you get her better soon.
  19. This morning the new aquarium for blackys qt, with filter, hood and light, arrived. I put him into his silver bath while I was washing out his old qt and preparing his new qt tank. I did put a plastic plant into his qt because he seemed so bored. That way I can boil it in hot water when I do tg e daily water change. The filter is a interpret internal cartridge cf2. It arrived with a filter starter. But I'm not quite sure how to seed it. Can I just stick some of my main tanks filter floss into it? Should I go ahead and order pimafix? Should I do anymore hydrogen peroxyde swabs. I have the feeling that he is getting better. However this morning he was bottom sitting again. His videos this morning http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0101_zpsvsvq8xxy.mp4.html http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0104_zps3htkw2qp.mp4.html
  20. Sounds like interesting food. Unfortunate it's not available in the UK.
  21. I'm so glad neopolitan is back on her little fins. Hope you find a solution for ladybug
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