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  1. Ha. Used to live in Balham. Now I've moved to the opposite side of town.
  2. Beautiful. Very well done. I like the shape of the tank too
  3. Do you have anyone who could hold him while you use tweezers to get it out? Not sure. Just a suggestions until a mid cones to help.
  4. Yikes. Hope it is algae and if so easy to remove. Scary. Good luck to you two
  5. That us one big beautiful fish !!!! Congrats. And I like the megamind name idea
  6. Thanks guys. I'm pretty chuffed myself. Maybe I will leave it as it is. For a bit at least Hehe
  7. Thanks It's a bowfront. But it has some extra support on the straight side. So in order to clip on the lights I had to turn it with bow towards the back. Although we see it from both sides
  8. I'll take some pictures as soon as I get home tonight and post them. Punky promise. Then more pictures once I have more plants. And more pictures and more pictures and more...
  9. Hahaha.He is miiiiinnnne. Actually after surviving what he did I think he might be an immortal. Lol. Still can't believe it. He's completely back to normal.
  10. I think what I might do is get a couple more anubias and javas and stick them on rocks and wood. And get the sand later if I still want it. That way if I do get sand it's still easy to remove the plants from the tank for cleaning. Bit of a compromise between both
  11. Wow they all great and changed so much. especially Charlie. they are looking great. Can't belie they went from 23 litres to your swimmingpool hehe. Happy Fishyversary
  12. Yes that's what I already did with the wood and it is definitely one option I'm considering. But I wonder whether I and the fish will miss the substrate
  13. I took some time. But I finally set up the new aquarium on Sunday. And all my three water babies are finally back together. I will post pictures soon. The fish look tiny in it. And the log that used to fill most of the tank is tinsy in it. At the moment it's barebottom, with the log and two java ferns. I'm now undecided wether to go planted with substrate. Or just have rocks and ferns and anubias. I thought I'd ask here for a general consensus and some inspiration. It's far less Labour intensive bare and less likely that flukes hide in the substrate. But at the same time I enjoy the planted look and love to watch the puppies rummaging in it
  14. Hi Loki. Sorry I didn't reply yet. The week has been crazy. The fish are doing amazing. I still can't believe how fast blackys scale have grown back. He is back to his old self. The other two are doing good two. Especially siince I cranked up the heat. Big red still waffles but I think she will always be like that now. I'm ready to do the swap to the big tank. But admittedly a bit scared. We haven't determined yet how to lift the heavy aquarium on its stand.
  15. Big Red is bottom sitting. She was when I got back from work and does it when I'm not in the room. when I approach she swims Should I start a new thread for her? I added prazi yesterday after a waterchnge. But I wasn't sure about adding salt, since she has a problem with her swimbladder and was treated with epsom
  16. Hi. Sorry was busy after sorting everything after I got back, then had the worst migraine and was back at work all day today. I did a full waterchange on all if them yesterday and added some more mekafix to bkackys tank. He looks amazing. The scales have even started to grow back. Big red and little lemon are still clamping. When I got back today they were both at the bottom of the tank. Not sure if they had been bottom sitting since they both came immediately to great me. I'm wondering if this is flukes. I had treated against it but maybe I did smthg wrong? I never added the new filter to the tank. I will do that tonight to start cycling it so that I can set up the new tank this weekend. The aquarium stand arrived today. I need to build it and then we are good to go. Yay.
  17. I'm not sure. Blackys fins are always erect. And in my mind Big Reds and Little Lemons fins uded to be as well. Big Red did spend a long time just sitting in a corner. i thought she was scared of blacky at first but then we treated her and she is so much more active now. Except for the clamping. Also I have now seen her twice today sitting underneath the water outflow of the filter. There are some roots from the pothos there which make a little bed. She was so still both times I though she had died Unfortunately I didn't have any Vitamin C in the house. I really should have some against colds. And that's a really good tip, so I still want to know how it works. In the end I ended up scooping some water out of the tank and giving her a silver bath. They are getting a waterchange first thing tomorrow.
  18. Video of big red http://s43.photobucket.com/user/Anna-Katharina_Parsons/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VIDEO0107_zpsqlnwbhzn.mp4.html I am glad I wasn't gone any longer and I'm glad they are still all alive. Really annoyed with myself but I only had a tiny bit of prime left. So I did the waterchange on blacky qt and everything else will have to wait until tomorrow morning.
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