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  1. I just remember her being in a shallow tub (couldn't remember if that was because she couldn't handle the depth of a tank or you just didn't have room) If you are not worried, I won't be either!
  2. They're not that easy to find, either....
  3. Are you still loving the bare bottom or are you missing having the planted tank? As usual, AMAZING! Both the fish and the tank! I can't even pick a favorite! Sounds like all is well (for the most part) with your fishies, hope everything else is good too! Nice to see you posting, now stick around, will ya!
  4. So cute! Glad everything went well!
  5. The one in the 55 is about the size of half a thumb nail and the one in the 10g is under half, over 1/4. The one in the 75 has been long gone. (almost a week)
  6. I could label it 'Hummonia, organic fertilizer' and when they say it looks like pee, just agree. "Oh yeah, it sure does, doesn't it?!" Another question, isn't it bound to stink if you store it?
  7. ....and people thought I was nuts for storing water for water changes! Can just imagine if they found out I was storing urine!
  8. Can't there be some bad stuff in there? I don't know if I can bring myself to do this, but just in case, how much would you put in the tank? A couple drops? teaspoons? 1/4 cup? I'm just imagining measuring it out. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a ton of duckweed growing in my 10 gallon betta tank. The betta died so there are only 2 neon tetras still in there. It is next to my bearded dragon's tank, so gets light from there. I'm terrified to put it in my gf tanks (even before the betta died) The betta's and neons haven't been qt'ed.
  9. Just checked the one in the 10g. It was the tiniest one and still has about half left, but there is only a bubbler in that tank.
  10. Thanks for reminding me! I added a supersize to the 75 and the 55 on 10/11. It was all but gone yesterday(totally gone today)10/25in the 75 and about a 1 inch chunk is left in the 55. Exactly 2 weeks in the 75. The 75 has 2 airstones and a 32 gallon garbage can as a filter. With a smaller airstone in the filter. The 55 has an aqueon 55/75 on one end and a large sponge filter on the other.
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