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  1. Almost every day. but, it's 2 little cubes between 5 decent size fish. I get one day off a week. The night before, right after work(9pm)I go to my daughter's, stay there for my day off, the next day she drops me off at work(3pm)I don't get home until after 9/10. The gf don't get fed that whole time. So, they get fed pellets before I go to work (around 2:30pm)skip a full day, then get bloodworms when I get back (usually around 10pm) I don't give them extra pellets before I go, but sometimes I do give them an extra bw cube when I get back.
  2. This vid was mainly made because I noticed JellBelly's color was changing more noticeably and I wanted to keep track.(Sooo excited I can see her eyes!) Added bonus was you can hear what the filters sound like underwater. lol The camera is almost leaning on the sponge filter behind it and there is an Aqueon 55/65 on the other side of the tank. Also, I added a Super size WonderShell on 10/11 around 12:30am , so only 5 days ago. Starburst: Red Thai Oranda(ECR) Honeydukes: Chinese Calico Ranchu(ECR) JellyBelly: Thai SVR(ECR) Good&Plenty: Black Thai Orandas(ECR) If you don't want to watch the whole thing, toward the end I take the camera out near the HOB filter, if you want to hear it. I don't usually give them pellets right after bloodworms, only did it this time in an effort to get them back in front of the camera. NLS Thera A 1mm sinking pellets. They usually get those during the day, plus NLS AlgaeMax 1mm sinking pellets. 2 cubes of bloodworms at night. Just started feeding Nori on WC day.
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