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  1. I just remember her being in a shallow tub (couldn't remember if that was because she couldn't handle the depth of a tank or you just didn't have room) If you are not worried, I won't be either!
  2. They're not that easy to find, either....
  3. Are you still loving the bare bottom or are you missing having the planted tank? As usual, AMAZING! Both the fish and the tank! I can't even pick a favorite! Sounds like all is well (for the most part) with your fishies, hope everything else is good too! Nice to see you posting, now stick around, will ya!
  4. So cute! Glad everything went well!
  5. The one in the 55 is about the size of half a thumb nail and the one in the 10g is under half, over 1/4. The one in the 75 has been long gone. (almost a week)
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