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  1. Oh and those test results were before the water change
  2. One of my goldfish has very slightly tattered tail fin which I just noticed. Normally I know this would be a water quality issue but I am not sure in this instance. I did a water test as soon as I noticed it and is seems ok so I am not sure what to do next. I am on my phone so can't copy and paste. But here are answers about my tank. 2 black moor about 2-3" long. 10 gallon tank ( I know to small but I am working on getting something bigger) 20 whispr filter Set up since december 23 2013 Feed once a day api sinking pellets only 4 pellets total per day, no more. Occasionally shelled peas Using api test kit. Test ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrAte between 20-40 ppm, high ph test 8.3 I use well water so usually don't add anything to the water. The last two changes I did add stress coat. I added beneficial bacteria once and only once back in december when starting the tank. They don't have any tank mates no live plants or anyyhing. I am wondering if the nitrATes are too high? Or maybe he was swimming too close to filter intake and that may have damaged his tail? They act totally fine swimming around happily. I did a water change last night.
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