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  1. Beautiful tank! SO much nicer than my ten gallon at the moment.. haha.
  2. Alright guys, so my 37 gal sprung an extremely small leak in one corner and I've had to empty it and move my goldies to a 30 gallon rubbermaid bin. Stacked two of them so the sides don't snap. I've decided that once I repair the leak, I am going to give no gravel a try and I've ordered some water sprite since it tends to grow fast and is easy to care for. If the filter has trouble keeping up at first without the gravel, I have an established tank to help, but prepaired for some good water changes and testing. I'll post pics once it is set up. I actually love the bin because it has more horizontal swimming space rather than height and is so easy to clean. I really prefer wider tanks.
  3. Wow, haha this site has been up for a while! Thanks, I'll read that topic too!
  4. I hope this is the correct place to post this topic, haha. I was wondering if you guys have read any good books on goldfish. I was just on amazon looking at fish books and realized I don't really know who the best authors are. I know the internet is probably the best way to research and compare a lot of different information , but I like having good books around. If you've read any great and informative fish books, for goldfish or any other fish, please share! ~Willow
  5. Okay, since there seems to be some confusion, I am always aware of my tank sizes when I buy them.. lol. I happen to own a 29 gallon in addition to this one that is not in use currently. Mikey, this is a 37 gallon like I said in my previous post. It is 30x12x22, ;which actualy comes to about 34 gallons if you do the math , but it is sold as a 37 gallon. I am also not medicating. I do add salt to the water whenever my fish have any sort of injury, the ones my female sustained are very superficial. Abyss, I love your avatar! Yeah I actually considered adding another fish for that reason but was worried about them all growing faster than I wanted to upgrade the tank, haha and if I keep any of the babies when they're older, I'll put them together in a larger tank. About the gravel, yeah I've been throwing around the idea of no gravel recently because of how much easier it would be to clean. Switched to sand in my tropical tank for that reason =) . Probably will remove it in the somewhat near future. I just don't want to shock my biofiltration right now, which is happening mostly in the gravel (provides large surface area). I keep one HOB filter for 40 gallons which is not much for goldfish, I do 50% twice a week and 90% every 3 weeks on all my tanks. Thanks all for ideas about the breeding. I mainly intend to prevent injury as I would prefer not to separate them.
  6. Okay thank you all for your thoughts. I will attach some photos of how the tank is arranged recently. I had rocks and plastic plants in the tupper ware containers because I liked how they looked potted, lol. If they try spawning again, I will remove any hard decorations to prevent injury. I do hope on having the tank planted once I can afford more live plants. Also ,this is a 37 gallon tank and I am well aware that they will get much larger. They'll be going into a larger tank when they are a little older and I can afford it, haha. Oh and that's interesting, thanks for letting me know that I have an oranda and fantail. Better at identifying tropicals. Okay I just took these photos.
  7. Thank you very much for your advise and welcome ! =) I love this website so far and seeing the photos of everyones beautiful fish.
  8. Hi, this is actually my first post here. I have a fantail and ryukin that are both about 4 inches long, and they spawned today, after spawning about 3 weeks ago. I am currently taking care of the almost 3 week old fry, but will be leaving eggs laid today in the tank for my fish to eat or disposing of them. There are much fewer eggs than the last spawning. I was just wondering if there is a way I can prevent courting behaviour without separating them. The only reason I mind is because the female got a little beaten up both times and hasn't completely healed yet from the first spawning. By beaten up, I mean slight injuries that don't influence living, like gills missing skin/scale and a small tear in one of her fins. Today she is a little bit scratched, I assume from being pushed against the gravel. I have been treating the water with salt to prevent infection, but I would prefer to prevent any more injuries. I've done a lot of research but I am unable to find ways to prevent breeding. I'm not even sure what triggered it, there have been no changes at all to their environment. I just hate to see one of my fish injured. Hoping this will be the last time. Thanks in advance. These are my two fish,
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