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  1. the pantyhose test is simply running pantyhose along all the edges of fake plants to see if they will catch on them.this will tell you if the plant is safe for long finned fish.sometimes they will have sharp parts on them,and this will snag and rip their fins.this has the potential to bring on fin rot. as narny105 suggested clean water and a salt treatment will really help him out.
  2. this is normal for moors. they develop color and eye shape with age.in any given spawn there will be a few fish that either develop faster or slower than the majority.
  3. have you caught him in the act of tail biting? he could be irritated by the filter current or possibly the plastic plants. did you do the pantyhose test on the plants before you put them in?how long has the fish been in this tank with this filter?same question in reference to the plants.
  4. this "wild metallic" may not stay this way. you mentioned that this was a moor spawn.were there only two parents to the spawn or multiple males?is this a moor cross?
  5. sorry, i forgot to mention that a bit of window screen ,cut slightly larger than the splash guard of your fugeray and inserted into the fixture will bring down the light intensity.
  6. how is your cyano outbreak doing? 1ml /gallon of hydrogen peroxide in a syringe worked awsome for me when i had it. you can do this little by little or all at once.1ml/gallon is a conservative amount and is not dangerous to either your bb colony or your fish stock.it ends up converting into water.if you are still having problems let me know and i will give you the walk through.
  7. it is shriveling up because the leaves dried off. when plants are bought submersed and you want to grow them emersed,you will need to keep the leaves moist and slowly acclimate them to growing out of the water. this can be done with a plastic bag. cover any leaves above the waterline in a plastic bag to keep the moisture in. after a week or two,poke a couple of small holes in the bag.after a week or so a couple more and so on.it just needs time to get used to being out of the water. you can also grow this in a pot,keeping the entire plant and the pot in a large plastic bag with moist soil. poking holes etc.kept in the tank it will only last from a few weeks to a few months. always be wary of any variegated plants that are grown submersed.there are a few exceptions though.
  8. i have a dozen nerites right now.i love them so.i think they are charming little creatures.i would love to get some of the more exotic varieties. i have zebras and red spots.a couple of them are quite large.
  9. this is going to prove to be very educational for my kids.my 6 yr old is in love with your lil' waldo.he has asked 4 times in the last hour to show him the adorable baby fishy.thank you for posting this. and good luck with your baby.
  10. i do not think your connection is working.
  11. i read this entire post in about 10 mins. the waiting drove me insane.how is your mental health?i would be nutso by now.i feel so bad it has taken this long for you.i can not wait to see your new fish.
  12. i suggest that you work on hand feeding the fancies if you can,especially the pearlscale. make sure she gets her share of food. try to keep the tank open as far as decorations.pearlscales can be awkward swimmers,and with an energetic single tail in the tank,she could end up getting bumped into any deco you have and possibly sustain an injury.
  13. blanched dandelion leaves are full of lutein-green-yellow color enhancer. daphnia and brine shrimp gut loaded with spirulina. marigold petals and spirulina have zeaxanthin-yellow orange and red color enhancer,without impacting white. foods containing dl-methionine-for wen growth.kens earthworm sticks.spinach is good in moderation,too much impairs kidney function.fresh salmon and shrimp-omega 3. bloodworms and duckweed are my staples.i have problems growing enough duckweed for them and have resorted to growing it out in my other 3 tanks,just to supply their "habit".
  14. the info provided by the op should work for gretch and all pond solutions canisters as well for those of you in europe.they are rebranded sunsuns.i have a 303b model,and i absolutely love it.it is silent.
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