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  1. been waiting to see this.super cool.
  2. a+.really cool.the stones so are real looking.the antiqued metal looking background is way cool.
  3. when your oscar gets bigger,maybe try mealy worms or mealy worm beetles. very inexpensive and one of the best foods for your oscar.
  4. a nice thick piece of plywood on the top should work.
  5. seems you both were stressed out,not just valentino.was the other address even close to yours(numerically)?thanks for the heads up.when i get my new fish in a month i will be wary of fed ex.he is just so lovely.now that the fiasco is over,nothing left but enjoyment hopefully.
  6. they would look cool around potted plants or in a sand zen garden too.
  7. if they end up too light and floaty,maybe silicone a rock onto the bottom for weight.they sure are cute.
  8. why not shrimp based for the oscar? it is their natural food.
  9. feb.22-23 petco 1/2 price freshwater plants and fish.25% off saltwater.did not see anything about tube plants not being part of the sale. http://www.petco.com/petco_page_pc_amazingaquaticsevent.aspx?cm_mmc=redirect-_-amazingaquaticsevent-_-van-_-url
  10. the same thing happened to my lemonhead a few months back.i totally understand your discomfort over the situation.his ended up clearing on its own.just keep an eye on it.best of luck.
  11. so cute! my fish are jealous.they never got to ride on a plane.flying fish.
  12. as far as gravel, go check out pea gravel at a landscaping business. i buy all decorative specialty rocks at the landscapers.the prices at the lfs are 5x more.
  13. they are better suited for ponds than aquariums.
  14. the satellite fixture is nice.you can really fine tune the colors with the remote.it also has a bunch of fun options,like cloud cover and lightening storm etc.finnex makes a monsterray for enhancing colors on flowerhorns and goldfish.was looking into this for myself.still unsure if you need to run it with another white led fixture though.if that is the case i will be going with the current led plus fixture.after i research reviews.
  15. i meant humans,not necessarily americans. i do not think is is a shortcut thing either. i view it as a fear of our own mortality or discomfort/inconvenience of being ill.
  16. i have been having problems with the nls goldfish pellets.atari gets floaty for a few hrs after every meal with nls.gonna try hikari purple.or maybe just a smaller size nls.duckweed usually clears him out pretty fast.
  17. hope you all feel better.i also can not stand it when the really young get sick.they just do not understand what is going on.just heartbreaking. as far as antibacterials go... i would rather my kids eat dirt ,than use antibacterials. our obsession with cleanliness is breeding tomorrows superbugs.
  18. ^+1. i agree with alex.spirulina enhanced brine and daphnia also act like a laxative and are going to go through their system quite fast.they are good supplemental foods to help keep their intestines clear and alleviate constipation.blood worms would be a better choice imo.but you should look for a decent staple food.feed at 2% of body weight.he is quite skinny.
  19. excited to see hoe this turns out.subscribed!
  20. nice.if you want some color chili rasboras would be nice.or if you want something more subtle maybe some glowlight tetras.you gonna try some shrimp for a cleaning crew? just saw you were going to plant a bit of red in there,maybe the chihis would be a poor choice then.too much red.
  21. look on you tube,she has her stock listed there.
  22. ^+1 oranda and a fantail. either separation or a change in decor.plastic plants can snag and the large decorations can cause scale loss and injury,along with making dead spots with no circulation.the will house anaerobic bacteria and produce harmful gasses.silk or live plants are better options. i like your oranda.
  23. 40b are closer to 45 gallons and 55 are actually 52-53 gallons,so not much difference as far as volume.but the surface area in the 40b is superior.i would rather keep 3 goldies in a 4ob than 3 in a 55.the way i have my filters set up on my 40,are as follows. i have 2 canister filters running.the first is set up for biological,full of media with a prefilter.i have the output aimed so the detrius is pushed toward the mechanical filter.the second is a mechanical filter filled with various size sponges and poly fill to polish the water-no prefilter.i end up cleaning the mechanical filter every 2 weeks or so,and the biological one every 2 months or so.i clean the sponge prefilter at every water change.two sunsun 302 run on a 40 is over 10x filteration.i have no issues with the current being too strong.right now they are about $50 ea. on ebay from the seller techntoy.they have the standard us 3 prong plug.they sell 2, the first is without media and the second has a bit of media for a few $ more.i like sunsuns a lot.i have also had fluval,eheim and cascade. for the price i prefer the sunsun.the quality is just fine,and mine run silent.i loved being able to get 2 canisters for the price of one.if one of them does fail,the other is enough to filter the tank. this is just my .02 cents.
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