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  1. guessing the metronidazole is for possible parasitic infection?dropsy?
  2. my lfs does not have kanaplex.forgive me for asking,but metronidazole and triple sulfa are for gram negative,correct?this will not work if the bacteria is caused by gram positive streptococcus.most eye infections in fish are caused by streptococcus or related bacterium.unless it is aeromonas which is gram negative.so why would there be caution to use tetracycline that handles both gram positive and gram negative?just wondering.will be sure to try epsom salt first.
  3. i have been very lucky up until now.in the 20+ years i have kept fish i have only lost a few to disease.i have had betta live to be 7 and goldfish live to be 21 years. i would like to get to my lfs before the head of the aquatic section goes home.he is off at 5. i found that he is very competant,and also keeps goldfish.he is the one that suggested tetracycline.
  4. if you cut back on feeding a few days, they may take to the duckweed.kale or collars greens would be the next choice.they are high in calcium and a much better choice than spinach,as spinach is high in oxalates and blocks calcium absorbtion.
  5. thank you for all of the concern shown for my little pond puppy.he is very,very dear to my entire family.
  6. these are as clear as i could get them.he has no pineconing.has stopped bottom sitting for now.has been constantly swimming for the last 3 or so hours.had to do the pics by myself.he was surprisingly calm,as i do not pic him up very much.i have been hand feeding him since he was an inch long,in case i may have to handle him someday.right now he is still in his tank with the other oranda.pretty sure he got tangled up between an anubias and some pertified wood.the wood is a little rough.it has since been taken out of the tank.
  7. since there are no signs of dropsy,and i am pretty certain that is is from the whatever he injured his wen on i am going to try a qt with tetracycline.i was going to try kanaplex,but my lfs does not carry it.tetracycline if for gram- and+,so hopefully i am on the right track.hopefully since i caught this early on,he will heal quickly.
  8. i got my moms camera and took a few pics.honestly you can not see what is going on in the pics.will have to wait until my boyfriend gets home.i will have to hold the fish to get decent pics.it is a two person job.his wen and the swelling are so light colored it is hard to see on a camera.anyone else who looks at him can not really see anything wrong with him.i have to tell them.i know my fish well,and study them everyday.so i noticed it right away this morning.just want to treat him right away.atleast get his meds before the stores close tonight.since his last water change he has been very active.there is no cloudiness to the eye itself.just a 1/4 in swelling around it.looks to be fluid filled.
  9. my oranda has been bottom sitting for two days now.he recently had a bloody mark on his wen.i did a few water changes and this disappeared.then he started sitting.this morning i looked at him again and his eye on the side of his injury is swollen around the socket.he is still eating.going to do another 70% wc now.i have aq salt,but no other meds on hand right now.i have a petco,walmart and another lfs here.please advise.
  10. if you want them for a food source you may want to set up a 10 gallon.and start out with a decent #.breed them for 4 months,let the shrimplets grow out for a few months to put on some size.once you can sex them, cull mostly males for food.
  11. go sand if you want cories.they do better on it.i would rethink mollies.they prefer brackish,and without it are prone to health problems. i would stick with the smaller tetras or something like celestial pearl danios,smaller rasboras and pygmy cories.ideally find something that will work with your ph,gh and kh.it is nice to get suggestions on forums,however it is best to thoroughly research these suggestions before purchasing them.
  12. a couple weeks in qt is normal.be careful they are very sensitive to nitrates,because of this i would not keep them in the same water supply as goldfish.2.5 gallon will be over populated in 3-4 months.temp needs to be around 75f.
  13. mine does this too..mine is eating protein left on the surface from the food.could be a chance yours is too.mmmmm..yummy surface protein.
  14. that or the prazi got em.they do not hurt anything other than the aesthetics of the tank.they act much ,like pond snails.their numbers wax and wane with food availability.there is a product called no-planaria on ebay that has been reported to kill them,along with snails.this product is fish and shrimp safe.they can be squashed and fed to your goldfish though,as they are tiny freshwater mollusks.i have read that if goldfish get a taste for them they will hunt them down,and suck them off of the glass.lets hope they are gone and you will not have to deal with them.
  15. just came upon this.hope your fish all recover quickly.as for your "bugs",was wondering if they are freshwater limpets?
  16. you may have to go to the petco site and sign up there with your card #.
  17. if you have a petco card and sign up for their emails,these sales are weekly. a few weeks back they had 45% off and free shipping.
  18. poret foam or other open cell rigid foam makes an awsome flow-thru divider.
  19. yup,peace lily. i almost fell for the same combo a few months back.
  20. i have a dozen nerites.i got free ramshorn and bladder snails from some duckweed i got at petco.i was pretty mad at first and did not know what to do with them.i ended up putting them in my betta tank.i am happy i kept them around. i was having a small problem with a mild cyano bacteria outbreak.the ramshorns ate it.as far as i know,they are the only kind of snails that will go near the stuff. i hit the petco sale at 9am when they opened. i got 3 different kinds of anubias (8 plants total) some pennywort and a marimo ball.
  21. mine makes me retch too.totally normal,nasty, overpowering rotten egg smell.
  22. for tanks up to 30 gallons.if your tank is larger it may struggle to keep up the temp.
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