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  1. well,he appears as though he is back to normal.loves his new bubble stone.
  2. well,looked at the little booger this morning.you can still see a tiny bit of puffiness.other than that he is back to normal.right now he is eating duckweed and doing barrel rolls.
  3. every 2-3 days.once they are in a tank,especially if there are plants,then every 3-4.less if you have algae.
  4. you should not have to worry about that one.you will be up to your eyeballs in males in no time.he probably died from exhaustion.15 girlfriends is a lot to handle.i started with 4 females and 2 males and now i have countless shrimplets.
  5. feel like a dork.did not realize i was that close.gonna get addicted to these fun emoticons too.
  6. can not wait for your pond build thread!td sure sounds sweet.
  7. same here,just can not bring myself to feed them to the goldies. gonna wait until spring and trade them for plants from other forum members.i have some nice deep red sakuras.
  8. thanks for the review on these guys.gotta wait until it warms up here to get some new plants.
  9. ..dance party...woot woot!only a few more to go!
  10. stands to reason that heat would effect it negatively as compared to the cold.it is -15 here right now,brrr!'spose you need to be careful while making medicated gel food then.
  11. do not think i can pm yet.would cold weather effect the meds through the mail?very sweet of lisa.
  12. if i do end up needing it,do you think the prazi will still work if it is made into medicated food?or should i just dose into the water per instructions?
  13. they did have erythromycin.hopefully, i will not need it.the swelling has gone down quite a bit from this morning. qt is a 4 gallon.
  14. looks like 250mg metro and 75mg prazi.
  15. i just really wanted to be able to go to the store tonight and grab a few things in-case.i will not have a vehicle for the next few days,so going to the store would be problematic.i can always return any unused medications later.just going to do the epsom treatment for now.was hoping that i could make my own medicated food if it came to that.need to make more gel food this week anyway.i do not use credit cards anymore due to identity theft,so it is near to impossible for me to order anything. really appreciate everybodys help.right now i am pretty sure i am more stressed out than he is.
  16. just go back from lfs. the have general cure from api.it contains metronidazole and praziquintel.will this work?he should probably be treated for flukes anyway.got a new fusion brand air pump.anyone ever use this brand?hope it is quiet.some new air line,check valves and a 6"bubble stone.also got the epsom salt.right now he is zooming all over the tank.looks like the swelling is going down around his eye.keeping my fingers crossed.
  17. gotta go.will be back in an hour or so.thanks.
  18. will the normal metronidazole work?can i make my own food with it?
  19. why do they think he is going to pinecone? i have no way to order those.
  20. http://www.aquarium-pond-answers.com/2009/01/streptococcus-eye-infections.html here is one of the sources. i have to leave right now and do some shopping and pick up my teenager.will try to find the other sources when i return.i must have read about 50 different articles on popeye,dropsy and strep today.i am not professing to know anything about this in depth.there are always conflicting resources online.this is just how i learn and process things.
  21. also you are not recommending a dip or bath,just 1/4tsp per 10 gallons for 2 day duration.correct? need to get a few things from lfs. new air pump,tubing and stone. listed meds. then off to the pharmacy for epsom salt all i have on hand for a qt is a four gallon.this will have to suffice for now. will do 100% daily water changes.
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