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  1. 4 days of mms.never treated with prazi.i think the only prazi my lfs has is in general cure.
  2. he seems listless today.bottom sitting more.when i tap the glass,he is hungry and searches for food.then he goes back to the same spot and sits,leaning forward and resting his head on the sand..he has also taken up trying to scratch himself on the plants and sand.
  3. if i was a serious breeder with 10+ years under my belt,and a bit of money to blow,i may entertain the idea.it would be a lot of work to break even on a fish that expensive.$1,000.00 is a lot for 1 fish,when most of us have spent anywhere from $5-$100.00 on a fish.
  4. is this the same flint i know from another forum?
  5. got it. thank you for responding so quickly.
  6. there are some anubias that resemble swords.a.afzelli,a.congensis are two.
  7. Dwarf moth catfish?? Never heard of those.Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk also called hara jerdoni. they are pretty cool.
  8. planted. if you want to move them,they can be planted in small pots.
  9. honey gouramis,pygmy corys.dwarf moth catfish,dario dario.
  10. params are now- ammo-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-10 ph-7.5 did not have any peas,so i gave him duckweed.decided to break the mms in half for feeding.franklin weighs 34g.so .34 grams of mms then. my other oranda gets floaty after almost every feeding.should i put him on a round of mms also?he is 23g. franklin is doing much better today after his 75% water change.the duckweed cleaned him out and he is no longer floaty. how long after i feed him the mms,should i give him his duckweed?hour?half hour?
  11. yes,followed directions to a t. will let you know weight tomorrow.he looks fine.no raised scales or discoloration.good appetite.just swimming a little wonkey. kinda weirded out at the major difference in nitrate tests.i have been using the nutrafin brand test kits for over 2 years now.i am sure it is not operator error.
  12. exp dates are good on both.shake the reagent for no less then 3 min before test.re-tested and they say the same thing.
  13. seems that there is a discrepancy between my old and new test kit.my nutrafin test kit says that my- ammo-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-5-10 ph 7.5 i went out and bought an api master test.results- ammo-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-40 ph 7.5 as you can see,the difference in the nitrate test is quite large.i dosed the tank with prime 5x for tonight. i can not change the water without waking all of my kids.will get on that at 6 am. as far as the mms,i have started him on 8 per feeding.3x daily. he is 4.5 in. will get new batteries for my digital scale in the morning. what is recommended feeding for mms?
  14. he started bottom sitting this morning again.started him on the metro-meds.has anyone else using metro-med experienced their goldfish becoming floaty?he acts like he is drunk.he is still searching actively for food.he is active and has not been bottom sitting for the last 10 hours.he is flipping around and bumping into things.seems like his equilibrium is off. they are larger pellets than he has previously eaten.will soaking the mms take away their potency?
  15. he is a little slower today.still looks good though.still watching him like a hawk.
  16. got the metro-meds today.thank you so much lisa.will send out a thank you card by friday.
  17. hubble is a great name for a telescope.very funny.
  18. i agree with chelsea,and suggest that you try the hot magnum.
  19. this is a good set up to try an aquaponics system in the future.
  20. yes,he is doing much better,thank you.still very active.
  21. koko,may i suggest vinyl coated wire metal mesh.much sturdier than window screen.strong enough for a raccoon to stand on top of.have your handy-man make a frame for it and use big staples to fasten.lay it over the top.
  22. wish i had a video camera.i have some pics.they are right after i chopped my plants though.and i just tossed a bunch of plants in my shrimp tank tonight.i feel like i would be showing you a messy bedroom.give me a few days and i will post some of my tank.
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