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  1. you can put a slice of zucchini in the tank.when they start eating it take the snail laden zucchini out and dispose of the snails.
  2. the only thing that i might worry about is the ph requirements of bolbitis. 5.0-7.0 is the ideal.they tend to not do well in goldfish tanks for this reason.good luck with your new plant. i hope it does well for you.
  3. It is a Finnex Rugeray-R LED light: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BP6QGIS/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 that is what i thought. was looking at these.i have a couple of the regular fugerays. if you could give a review/update in a month or so i would appreciate it.i have a mr.aqua 4 gallon,still in box for the last year. i want to set it up soon.i want either another fugeray or the fugeray-r.
  4. i had a weimeraner,she ate an entire jar of fish food. an hour later my boyfriend asked why my dog looked like she was smiling.then all of a sudden,sploosh,she barfed all over the kitchen floor.and there was alot of it.so disgusting.
  5. got them in the mail!! three cheers for daniel! if you did not get my pm,the $$ should be at your place in a few days.i sent it out on saturday.
  6. thats too bad, i thought the rubbermaid stock tanks were hard plastic and the paint would fuse to the plastic.oh well.
  7. you could paint the bottom with krylon fusion spray paint. it is supposed to be aquarium safe.
  8. i think i am ready to ship them out. the weather here is good for shipping now.hopefully you still have a couple that i can get from you daniel.
  9. they are only half as effective when you double bag.
  10. can not wait to see him put on some color. although i am partial to bronzes and wild metallics anyway.
  11. i use canisters,hobs and sponge filters.on my goldie tank i run a fluval 306 and a sunsun hw-303b. in my opinion i like the sunsuns. they are half the price of a fluval or eheim. they have quite the following now.they are made by the same company that makes the aquatop,all pond solutions(uk) and gretch. they then rebrand them.i love having two canister filters on my tank.i have one set up as a biological filter with a sponge prefilter.the other is set up as a mechanical filter.i only clean the bio filter 3-4 times a year. if your pump is loud a good trick is to hang it inside of your cabinet in a small bag. i recycled a mesh orange bag for this.hang it so it does not touch the cabinet walls.
  12. i had this strange dream where the tops of my pinkie fingers had hinged lids.when i opened them,there were little fish living inside of them.
  13. within a few weeks to a months time. it is still cold here. i want it to be around 50 degrees before i send them out.i really appreciate it. pm me when you get them.i will send you some cash,just let me know how much you want for them.
  14. does anyone have any kordon breather bags that i could buy off of them? i only need 2. i need to send some shrimp to texas.
  15. i have the same plant in 4 of the 5 of my tanks.it will go through a transition stage ,where it will lose its small leaves and grow others that are a bit larger.with proper care it will grow quite fast.i have it under low-medium lighting and it produces pretty pink leaves.hygro is great to have in planted tanks because it shows nutrient deficiencies before all of the other plants. you can correct the nutrients and the plant will quickly bounce back. it shows potassium deficiencies the most.these will show as small pin holes. one of my favorite easy to grow plants.
  16. I recently had issues with my brand new (got it in late December) galvanized stock tank losing its coating after an air stone was run on the bottom of it. I'm not sure of galvanized metals anymore after that. I could just be paranoid though. could it have been oxidation or galvanic corrosion?
  17. the screws used for driftwood are galvanized.they will not rust.
  18. i frequently see tanks over 100 gallons on craigslist.
  19. ichthius has ranchu and i think he may have a few assorted goldfish swimming around, he lives in oregon.his site is goldfish garage.
  20. he is looking pretty weak.he is upside down now.not sure if i want to start him on it.he has never had a problem with sbd until the day that i gave him the mms.then again maybe i should put him on the general cure and take him off of the mms.i am breaking the mms up into thirds now,and they are still making him floaty.he is having a bad reaction to them it seems.it is too late to get him any meds tonight,hopefully he will make it into the morning.
  21. the general cure is 250mg metro and 75mg prazi.
  22. the only locally owned store is for marine fish,not sure if they are still open. we have a petco and a pet expo.
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