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  1. What a horrible thing to have to find.
  2. Thank you, will do! Thank you! Do you have photos posted? Maybe we can brainstorm some ideas! Just in the diseases thread. I'll have to start a naming thread. Everyone here is so good at it. I keep seeing goldfish names, and I think--why didn't I think of that?
  3. Sumo is a good name for him. Such a cute little fatty! I'm having a lot of trouble naming mine.
  4. That sounds good. They lied, though. The medicine hasn't gotten here yet. As soon as it does, I will start and report back! Thank you!!!
  5. Thanks. It's the aquarium music from Camille Saint-Saen's "Carnival of the Animals." Oh--I'll have to find that and listen to the rest of it. It does sound like music that would be playing in a magical under-water world.
  6. Ok. I think I'll try in the tank then. That is probably less stressful for them than being in the smaller QT, and I still have to keep the males and the female separate for now. I might as well do the salt dips. Why skimp now after all this work? If nasty parasites hate it, it sounds good to me. I'll start with 1% again and work up to 3%. Are there specific instructions for this medication, or do I just follow the directions on the package? It should be here by Thursday.
  7. So these are the fizzy tablets? I can get it. Looks like there is a medicated food that is discontinued. But I'm just leery of adding medication to the tank for fear of killing the biofilter. I've done that once already, and had to recycle. Would this one do that? Or would I dose them all in a QT? Although if I did lose my cycle this time, it wouldn't be as bad since I have the python now. It isn't hard at all to do big water changes. I have been wondering if maybe they have some other parasite. A couple of times I have seen a white, string-like thing hanging off of the oranda's wen, but it always goes away in a day or two. Could this be a parasite? I just saw one yesterday and was going to ask about it. I hadn't seen that since before coming to Koko's and I had forgotten about it. I still haven't started with the salt dips and prazi. I will have to wait until Thursday when I will have the time. I feel bad. It would be nice if someone could pay me to take care of my animals full time, but so far there haven't been any offers for that! If we go with the Parasite Guard, would I still do the salt dips?
  8. There must be a lot of Craigslist competition in my area. There were ton of good deals when I got my fish. I got a 55g with a stand, lights, hoods, a filter, two air pumps, a heater, a thermometer, and a 10g thrown in for $100. I ended up getting other filters, but overall I was quite pleased. There are a lot of crazy people out there. Maybe we should all start used fish tank businesses. We could sell our old tanks at a profit and upgrade whenever we want!
  9. Such bad luck--but what a cutie! Hope it gets fixed soon!
  10. This is the ratio for plant sterilisation. For a tank it should be 1:9 bleach to water. OK--thanks.
  11. Very cool. I'd like to see this with the fish! Goldfish in space!
  12. I see--yes--I hate the smell of bleach too. I think I'll do this out in the garage with the door open.
  13. Thanks. Is there an advantage to using vinegar and then bleach? 90 gallons is a lot! I'm glad this tank isn't that big.
  14. OK--thanks! Looks great, but I'll have to wait until the next time I'm in Australia to get that one!
  15. Yeah, the thought of reusing the gravel does make me nervous. How much bleach do I need to use though?
  16. Hey there, Do you all have a specific protocol for nuking a tank? Bleach seems to be the easiest option for me. How much bleach per gallon should I use? Can I nuke the gravel on the bottom, or is it best to pitch that and start over? This tank isn't going to be used for goldfish. Thanks!
  17. The mix of goldfish and flower petals is very cool. Awesome fish!
  18. Ok--I don't know how I am going to get a video of the scratching. When I get close enough to record the video, they get excited because they think food is coming, and they swim towards me to beg! I will try again today, but basically, they are all yawning a lot--the oranda most of all. They all also go down to the sand to scratch once in a while, and it does seem to be around the gill area. I haven't done salt dips yet, but will start tomorrow, unless you want me to try something different. Strangely, I tried feeding some Saki Hikari Purple last night, and the oranda wasn't quite as floaty. But I am still going to try making the gel food. I was annoyed because I called around yesterday, but no one in my area carries koi clay. I'll have to wait for Amazon to send me some.
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