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  1. I just took a closer look, and I have three purple, one magenta, and one blue baby, which is exactly the same number and colors as the adults that I have!
  2. Are you kidding? Mine lay at least two clutches a week. All they do is mate. I must have inadvertently created a snail paradise. You are right. It is both a blessing and a curse. If I get any more, I won't have space for them.
  3. Very nice! They are so cute when they are this size. But you can practically watch them grow.
  4. I've got apple snail babies. I didn't want them, but I've got them! I thought I was doing a good job of clearing the clutches of eggs (there are many of these) but apparently I missed a few—five to be exact. I really don't know how they made it this far, but they seem to be doing great, and they are growing fast. Now I really do have to get that second 55g started so I have a place to put them all! I guess I could have gotten rid of them, but they are too cute. Thanks for looking!
  5. OK, then I won't worry. Can the cracks heal? Last month I started giving them calcium in the form of calcium carbonate tablets from the drugstore. I just plop one of them into the tank once or twice a week, and some of it dissolves, and then they eat some of it. That's what the white stuff in the picture is. It's kind of messy, though. Maybe I'll get a cuttlebone when they finish this bottle. That looks perfect! Right now I have it rigged with left over filter floss, but it keeps moving around and getting into the tank. It is shocking to find an aquarium animal on the outside of the tank. That's lucky that your boyfriend spotted him. I was only inches away from stepping on mine the first time she came out. She made it all the way out into the hallway, and it was early morning, so it was dark. Well, if it's not that bad, I think I'll just watch it for now. I've got enough nail polish around. It isn't toxic to the snails?
  6. Oh, that's sad. And they were so cute.....
  7. This original pinned link doesn't go anywhere....
  8. I can't wait to see what the babies look like. I get eggs at least once a week now, but I can't let any of them hatch. I don't know what I would do with all of the snails. It's tempting though.
  9. Here are pictures of the lines on the escape snail's shell. She is the only one who has them, so I think they are from the trips outside. They are somewhat hard to see. They are the little white lines that go parallel with the dark purple stripes on the shell. Is this something to be worried about?
  10. Thanks, Jamie. I'll try lowering the water line, and I'll see if I can get a picture of the lines.
  11. No, I am definitely cycled. I just checked, and it is at 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 10ppm Nitrate, and 7.8 pH. There is also a new clutch of eggs today! Now, I am wondering if it is the Nitrates. I just changed the water 2 days ago, so that seems like a high nitrate reading for only two days. Although, I do have a hard time telling exactly which color the tube matches on the API chart. I had water quality issues in this tank before. It took a while to completely cycle because I guess I underestimated the bio-load of the snails. They grew really fast! Right now I have 5 of them in a 20 g with an Aquaclear 50 filter. But I used lots of Prime and did water changes daily or every other day until it finally cycled. I have also wondered if I am overfeeding the snails. I alternate between giving them two algae wafers or some pellets one day. Then the next day they get a big piece of veggie--usually cabbage or broccoli, and they just work on that until it is done. That can take a few days. Then they get their wafers again. I was originally going to put two of the snails into the goldie tank, but I decided against adding them because it took me so long to get the goldfish well, I'd hate to add anything unknown, and those snail antennae look to me like a goldfish might just mistake them for a tasty worms. My fish are such spazzes when it comes to food. I just scored another 55g on Craigslist, so I am planning on moving the snails to that, and then adding some kind of community of tropicals.
  12. Could it be related to breeding behavior? These snails mate all the time! This is another thing I've been wondering about. I've removed at least ten egg clutches in the last few weeks.
  13. So snails like adventure! She only seems to do it in the middle of the night. Maybe I'll stay up one of these days to see how she does it. Okay, so as long as it is normal. As far as I can tell the water parameters are good, unless they are super sensitive to nitrate. Even if she can tolerate being out of water, the fall from the shelf to the floor, can't be a good thing. Unless she is crawling all the way down? And then there is the cat.... I have some spare screen from fixing a window somewhere. I will try that or some filter floss. Thanks, everyone!
  14. Oh, what would be a high nitrate level for them? I was under the impression that they were quite hardy.
  15. Hi there! So I have an apple snail that likes to take excursions out of the tank. Is this normal? The first time I found her on the floor, I couldn't even see how she was getting out of there. The only thing I can think of is that must be crawling up through the opening where the water flows in from the filter. An apple snail couldn't push up the lid--could it? Luckily, there is a plush carpet on the floor, and the cat did not find her first, but her shell does look a little beat up. It looks like there are some small white lines--not quite cracks--and there is a place where it looks like the pretty purple color has faded. I don't know how long she was out of the water each time. By the time I found her she had gone way up into the shell. After I put her back into the tank each time, she slowly came out and started behaving as normal. I need to find something to block the opening. I tried a towel today, but it got wet.
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