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  1. hmmmm idk maybe the glass is really thick though but thank you!
  2. its about 4 feet long 18in wide and 20 inch tall
  3. she is exactly right in my opinion
  4. go on to you tube and type in giant goldfish, theres a video called lilly the giant goldfish and i think that thing is massive
  5. so i have two goldfish one is a common and the other is a comet goldfish, i put them both in a large tank which i bought from a guy who said it was a 75 gallon tank but i got curious a year later and i think its only like a 60 gallon after measuring the volume, anyway my question is can both of my fish reach their maximum size in this tank without their growth being stunted. the common goldie has defiantly grown but the comet who was originally the smaller one is now way bigger.
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