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  1. So the hair grass is out.... Maybe I'll try some of the reedier looking crypts. But most seem to like warmer water than what I have. Currently 66degrees in the tank. The onion plant looks cool but I'm just imagining my big blue going " ooh look a ball!" Digging it out and dragging it around the tank. He's cute but not too bright....
  2. Ok so I'll keep them as they are now with the large water changes. Tipping the bin just sounded so much nicer than the occasional mouthful of fish water. Also picked up the new 75 today. I now have a lovely tank of purple water sitting in my shower. I'm so dead when my partner gets home. First I take over the tub and now the shower! Ah well it's not like I can do this outside in 25 degree weather. Thursday I'm going to get the supplies to get the fluval fx5 running on the old tank. Gonna need to make a spray bar too... Off to the DIY section
  3. I can take the video. The posting it. .. Will work on it. Oh and this morning she was upside down.
  4. So I'm picking up a 75g tank tomorrow, and now comes the fun part...decorating! I also need to replant my existing 75g, as it's all been eaten to nubs mor the most part. What I was thinking was in new tank 3 types of hygrophila ( wisteria, temple plant and corymbosa ). I know goldfish like wisteria but I'm hoping the wider leaves of the other 2 with help them last a bit longer between trips to the recovery tank. In the old tank replace/recover the Val's with hair grass both the dwarf and reg varieties and a couple of Dwarf lilies. Has anyone here used hair grass? It was under the goldfish section at planted aquariums central, but those skinny leaves make me think it will end up like cabomba...shredded and all over the tank.
  5. And an update... Ppm'd the the 2 tubs last night and filled with primed water to sit overnight. This morning I moved the brats into their new temporary homes. Made a couple of pop bottle filters cause I'm psychologically in capable of not having a filter some kind in there. Had a nervous break down because the white nacreous fish just disappears in there. All you can see are his eyes and gills, it's freaky. The tubs are bowing a bit but I think they're ok The tubs are now taking up residence in my bathtub for easier water changes and everyone seems to be ok. Which leads me to my next question... Can I do the 2 tank method with fish in both tubs? I was thinking move all fish to tub#1' clean and refill tub #2. Move all fish to tub #2, clean and refill#1. Divide fish again. Would that work?
  6. nd something I would like to add: Ma Ri, if you feel like you're going crazy with tanks, you have a few options to consider other than multiple 75g tanks. It is a good idea to consider all options, as you're making a big investment in these guys. An indoor pond setup: This is a good idea as long as you don't have any curious animals or small children running around. Since these can be bigger, you'll have to make sure the room is well-ventilated and that your floor can support it. These can be either hand-built or made from things like stock watering tanks. ---I would love an indoor pond, unfortunately my 90lb lab would love it even more. Keeping him out of it would be more aggravation than enjoyment Spending the money you're spending on the smaller tanks to just get a larger tank setup. ---I've thought about just getting one huge 220 tank but they just are too tall. I'm kinda we'll... not tall. With a step stool I can just reach the bottom of a 75 on a standard stand. The stand is necessary to keep afore mentioned dogs nose out of it. It's embarrassing but we're the same height. Every tank larger seems to add vertical inches as well as horizontal which just doesn't work for me Consider re-homing some of your current stock. This may be emotionally difficult right now, but it will save you the hassle for caring for so many large tanks at once ---I used to have 7 tanks...4x75s for 6 oranda, 2 ryukin 4 misc fancies, and 2x55s for 2 bubble eyes and 2 ranchu and a 20l for a hospital/ plant recovery. Most of those fish were with me for over 10 years. I'm really really not... Well probably ...hopefully... Maybe...not going to go that crazy again... I think...
  7. I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but you don't have to "change tanks". Just put the fish into a small bucket while you remove 100% of the water from the main QT tank, refill the tank, and replace the fish. Isn't it stressfull to keep catching and releasing them? I've been doing 50% twice a day on my quarantine tank
  8. Thanks! I think that still leaves me about 50g short of what I need. But if I can find another 75... I think I have a goldfish disease.... :rolls eyes:
  9. OMG you guys must bring me good luck! Not only did I just talk my sister into picking up the Sterilite tubs tonight (a small miracle in itself). But I just got a response off craigslist for a 75g with the fluval fx5 , stand, lights everything for the same price as I was going to pay for the fx6. Doing the happy fish dance! I know it's not the best solution but it buys me some time.
  10. Oops I think this is the wrong place...
  11. That's was I was thinking but I really wanted that filter! :-(. It was going to be my tax refund splurge of the year. Oh well, necessities first...
  12. Sorry for the confusion, but after quarantine, they would be in a 75g with a big filter, while I saved up enough for a tank setup Or alternately in whatever tank I can find on craigslist with a cheap filter. The 10 gal was just the hospital tank I had available when they swam in to my life. Soon to be replaced by Sterilite tubs!
  13. Sterilite tubs? Like just a regular storage bin? and would it say food safe on it? Sorry it's probably a stupid question but I've never really looked to see if they even have labels. Okay I'm off to target first thing in the morning.
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