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  1. Here's a pic of the current tanks! Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk
  2. I love it! The fish look awesome against a black backdrop! Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, So I know my goldfish will need more room very soon! Their 20g is already kind of too small for 3 fancies (2 fantails and 1 ryukin) so I'm looking to upgrade. Right now I have a 55g tropical tank on an iron stand with the 20g long goldfish tank below it. I saw that petsmart is having a sale 40g breeders. So I was thinking of getting two of those, one for my trops and one for my goldfish, and putting them on an double angle iron stand. Will the 40g breeder be big enough for 3 fancy goldfish long term? I almost think it would be better than getting them a 55g because the 40g is wider and has more swimming room. What are your thoughts? I would run each tank with an Eheim canister and either a UGF or two sponge filters each for additional filtration. I think this could work well if the tank will be big enough for my goldies :-) Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah I wouldn't mix them. I used to have a regular crayfish and part of his routine diet was 3 or 4 minnows a week... eeek. I can't imagine trying to keep them in the same tank as fish without the fish ending up as food. But, I do encourage you to get a separate tank for one. They are so entertaining to watch and really quite interesting
  5. 12" deep!? I am going to have to check that out. I have 2 60 longs that I love. One on top, one on the bottom of a metal stand. I could never part with them:) For me, the bigger the footprint, the bigger my smile. lol. I'm with ya! Now off to the Aqueon website....thanks James! 12" deep!? I am going to have to check that out. I have 2 60 longs that I love. One on top, one on the bottom of a metal stand. I could never part with them:) For me, the bigger the footprint, the bigger my smile. lol. I'm with ya! Now off to the Aqueon website....thanks James! You're welcome! Not only are they visually pleasing to me, but they're also great for the fish too! Talk about a win-win.
  6. Most fancy goldies at my LPS are between $8.99 and $59.99. Ranchus that size would run me about 11 or 12 bucks. Granted, they take really great care of their fish. I rather pay more for good husbandry than purchase a sick fish at one of the national chains!
  7. Yep, I've seen the same thing. Sort of like the big floating pillow using in an above ground pool to keep the cover from filling with ice and ripping in the winter time.
  8. Can't wait to see pics of your new tank! I too find long and low tanks to be visually pleasing. I want to get a 33 long, which believe it or not is a standard tank made by Aqueon, 48x13x12. They have the same footprint as a 55 but they're only 12 inches deep
  9. Thanks guys! Yeah they're pretty awesome dogs... I love the breed and wouldn't trade them for anything. We have two now, Max, who is a senior citizen at 13 and Brenna, who is about 3. Both were rescues
  10. I'll have to give them a call! I usually buy my tanks from Petco during the sale but totally forgot. The other issue with the 55 is the height... I would only have a few inches of clearance between the lower tank and the bottom of the top tank. The 40 is shorter so I would have more room to would with :-) Sent from my BlackBerry using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for the warm welcomes and great advice This seems like an awesome place already... so much more kind hearted and friendly than other fish forums I've been on!
  12. Thanks! So I uploaded a bunch of pics I've taken to a shutterfly site... Here's the link. (PS, for those who love furry animals too I think there are a couple shots of my boxers mixed in!). https://james95.shutterfly.com/
  13. But I can post pics of my other tropicals are soon as I figure out how... Lol! Is there an attachment/upload option?
  14. Hi guys! Thanks for the quick replies. The pleco is a common pleco, nothing special. I've only kept them with little tropical fish in the past (like guppies and mollies) so I have no idea how they do with larger fish. On tank size... I was thinking 40 long versus 40 breeder since it will fit on my current stand below my 55. Does that make much of a different? Thanks! I will post pics when I can. I won't be home until next weekend but will do so then! :-) EDIT: thanks, Oerba! I will probably rehome him. Thanks seems to be the best idea!
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm new here. I mostly keep tropical fish and kept fancy goldfish before, but I recently bought two small calico fantails. I used to belong to another goldfish forum that was unfortunately shut down (The GAB, goldfish aquarium board). Right now I have them in a fully cycled 20g along with a tiny common pleco. For filtration I'm using a whisper filter and an undergravel filter. I do have a few questions for you experts out there... 1. How soon will I have to upgrade? I certainly don't want to stunt these little guys! They're tiny right now but I'm wondering how quickly they'll outgrow the 20. I'm want to get them a 33 or 40 gallon. Would that we adequate for their adult size? 2. Should I have any concerns about the pleco? He was sort of an impulse buy and I'm already thinking about rehoming him. I read that some plecos end up sucking the slime coat off of goldfish. That's scaring me already. 3. Does anyone have experience planting live plants in clay pots and covering the bottom of the tank with large river pebbles? Is this easier when it comes to cleaning and maintenance? Thanks in advance. I look forward to getting back into the fancy goldfish world. The tropicals have been fun but I missed gold old goldies
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