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  1. fingers crossed for miss betty ! she's been my favourite on this site since you got her
  2. thanks jay and she certainly did
  3. Hi all ! ....I know this is long overdue (as I have been very scarce in the kokos vortex for the last few months) It's been pretty crazy this past summer, with the birth of the mocha fry, me getting a new job, and now school starting Anywho, I just thought I'd drop some morsels of my finned children here.... Above are the 5 remaining Mocha fry, they are still living happily out in the 75 gallon outdoor tub-pond A picture of Mochi and Misha from a month or so ago Mochi-man Miss Misha ....Sadly these are some of the last photos I have of Misha She passed away a few days ago, she had been struggling with swim bladder issues ever since her initial spawning with Mochi and never quite recovered It really broke my heart to see her go, especially since losing Monet this past spring.... I feel blessed that she left me with such beautiful fry though Rest easy my little Misha-nugget
  4. what a cutie !! congrats on the new fish
  5. thanks so much you guys i too am shocked by how much Mochi, and his kids have grown ! i can't wait to see what the summer brings for them
  6. Yayyyyyy!!! I'm glad you finally got it It looks AWESOME !!!!
  7. thanks lis !! i still can't believe i bought him out of the $3.00 tank at my lfs, he's really turned into quite a stunner and yup, he's a goofball
  8. Hello hello hello ! Sorry to spam the board with photos of my little Mochinator but he's just too cute not to share !! Looks like he's been working on that wen of his after a month and a half out in the pond I brought him inside as I can never see him- he's so dark that he blends perfectly into the black bottom of the outdoor tub I know it's kindof selfish, but i miss seeing his adorable little face Also, having the 5 fry in the 75 gallon tub is already pusing the limits so Mochi and Misha are now indoors for the time being lol and another of the handsome man before I go; I love the bright yellow around his face Oh!! And here is a before shot of the mocha babies: hopefully some time in the pond (and lots of bloodworms!) will send them through a growth spurt
  9. Elisa

    EGGS !

    thanks jenna ! i can't wait to see if they get wens when they grow up would you be interested in adopting a mocha baby any time in the next year or so? i've heard from a reliable source that your home is slowly turning into a giant goldfish tank
  10. Elisa

    EGGS !

    tried to get some side view shots of the babies- by distracting them with food.... and yet they're still blurry at least megalodon inherited his father's photo skills
  11. Elisa

    EGGS !

    thanks guys ! they're my little noodles hoping to put them out in the pond with their parents soon- they are finally big enough that i don't have to worry about mochi accidentally eating them I've been trying, but they're just so speedy !! lol
  12. Elisa

    EGGS !

    fry are a little over 2 months old the 5 survivors have so much personality and are growing into beautiful little fishlets Megalodon is still my personal favourite (he's in the top right corner, he looks just like his mom!)....
  13. thanks guys mochi and misha are blushing from all the compliments well, the fry are in mochi and misha's old tank right now (really enjoying all the extra space !). I'm probably going to keep one or two of them in there when i put the rest out in the pond with their parents to keep the tank cycled for the summer i've got 5 beautiful calico babies ! they've all taken after their mother
  14. thanks jay i think mochi likes being incognito
  15. So, my two oranda monsters had officially been out in their patio pond for a month now Things have been going really well (knock on wood) and the two have really thrived in their own personal 75 gallon summer oasis I am hoping to move two of the larger mocha fry out into the pond later on this week and without further adieu i present to you an update of the illustrious two Top veiw of the pair, i still cannot get over how dark and velvety Mochi's colour has become !!! I think Misha has grown nearly half an inch in length !! really have to get on measuring them officially and getting a food scale it still astounds me just how much my 'little' mochi has grown and changed since purchasing him what a cutie top view of their summer digs of course mochi is nearly invisible against the dark backdrop thanks for looking ! will be posting an update of the mocha fry soon
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