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  1. Blue gives me stress. Boy or girl I'm always on pins and needles. Sometimes if they can talk id love it if they would just say what to do.
  2. ... Unless maybe I should do it longer.
  3. Hello everyone. I hope your past week has been good and this one even better. I was a little disappointed that I bought a "90 gallon" bow front tank two months ago and haven't been able to fix it. Finally found some one to renovated the faded stand... Found out that the tank is only 70 gallons.... Sigh At the end of the day, the fish that are in my 55 gallon gave me something to smile about. This is one of the first times I've been able to get them to eat veggies. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Doesn't seem worth it... So when it comes to changing filter pads. How would you change them to avoid messing up the cycle. I just used to change the two pads and that was it. Now I'm pretty sure even that I was doing wrong.
  5. Probably will have just enough to thinly coat the bottom thinly.
  6. I'm starting a second one. My 55 has a fluval 205 and a marinelande 300. For the other tank I have a fluval 406 still in box and I'm ordering an AQ 110
  7. So I bought a Fluval 406. For a 90 or 72 bow front tank. I'm not sure what size the tank is and I won't be sure until Monday. I currently have my 55 gallon tank running. I was wondering if I can run my 406 on that tank until I get my other tank in the apartment. It might be for just Saturday through Monday but I'm just trying to see if that can help me get some bacteria?. I always tend to screw up when it comes to cycling... I feel like I'm failing math sometimes. Not sure why! The other idea is that I've always wanted to take out about 30 percent of the gravel in that tank because the layer is too thick. I was going to put in in that tank as well. But should I be rinsing it thoroughly? The other question I have is can I put my Marineland filter on the new tank and run it there along with the new filter, some old and new gravel?i have a 206 running on my 55.... I'm gonna hush now. ... I'm confusing myself.
  8. Ha. Ok I'm sold on the AQ. I just had a slow moment. What is the LOTP?
  9. Thanks ladies. I work at 911 so I'm hella bummed out when I get home. Lots of hours spent away from civilization. Would you recommend the AQ110 or the Marineland 400?
  10. Alex what kind of HoB filters would you recommend. I'm looking for something that's not too noisy and can offer the most filtration in addition to the canister filters. I was actually looking at the Marineland 400. I'm not familiar with anything else. I was also looking to put a spray bar on the fluval 406 and do it on the other one as soon as I get settled.
  11. Hello! Hope everyone is well along with their pet family. My question is about filtration. I bought a bowfont aquarium. The ad said its 90 gallons but the more I looked at the picture I have I want to believe the tank is about 72 gallons. I have it in the basement of my apartment complex and I'm just waiting for a friend to sand and varnish it for me. It has some mold spores and I can see that the wood has lightened in color from sitting out in the sun. With all that aside, I already purchased a Fluval 406. I want to know what other type of filtration you all would recommend. I also have a 55 gallon tank and I'm thinking about upping the filtration on that one as well. It currently runs a Fluval 206 and a Marineland Bio-wheel 300 that came with the aquarium kit. What do you suggest? In the mean time... I'm also thinking about getting a biorb 105 ... The 28 gallon one. I was gonna put that on my nightstand. Housing some plates or guppies. Just something different. I was also thinking about getting one of those other bibles for a beta fish ... I don't know. I'm lonely. Guess I might as well say I'm getting a morkie or yorkie apso in August or October. ....
  12. Five gallon bucket is an awesome idea.
  13. I just bought these! Two of the larger double stacked corner filters. I got them off of ebay for $11 each and you can easily customize them. How do you like them (if you have them)? I'm setting up my tank soon so I'll post my review of them later on. Has anyone else used these corner filters? What size tank are you putting these into if you don't mind me asking. I was thinking on doing them for my 90 gallon tank (something tells me it's probably a 72 gallon) in addition to my fluval 406. I'm trying to weigh out any extra filtration that may be needed so I can get it up and running.
  14. Has anyone ever heard of it? well I'm sure some of you may have. I just saw a photo a friend sent me saying she's going to try it but I'm not sure if this is something I should look into.
  15. I can't get my LFS to bring in anything but fancies. The lionheads I ordered were bigger than what I wanted. The fan tails showed obvious ich and the pearlscales were less than quality at its lowest point. I'm still working on finding a good ranchu dealer online.
  16. I thought about it... But stressing the poor thing twice, I'm really not so sure.
  17. Thanks for trying. ... I swore I was crushed when rain garden couldn't.
  18. Hi guys, I'm at the end of my rope when it comes to research. I know St. Thomas is a little boat ride away from the mainland but I really can't find anyone who would ship goldfish to the Virgin Islands. I mean I know it's not continental but I'm started to feel like I'm not a US citizen living in a US territory..LOL I just really want a ranchu or panda... pearlscale perhaps? I don't even mind the fedex fees or the express mail fees but have mercy. I'm the only one on this blasted 32 squared miles island who loves goldfish, can't I get a break? LOL If any of you have any suggestions please let me know Thanks. At least I tried.
  19. I'm about to carry about six of my gold fishes back. I'm trying to downsize my tank so that four may live comfortable in my 55 gallon and five can have some space in my 90 gallon. I was really overstocked. Well I still am but I am working on it. I'll get a store credit and he gets to resell the fish. I love them but I'v always loved ranchus and pearlscales. I just want space to get what I really like.
  20. Hey I know it's been a while but I just changed shifts so I'm working in a time frame that makes more sense. The fish are all still alive and doing pretty ok. I moved them to a 26 gallon tub. 3 lionhead one oranda and a tiny pearl scale that seems to like being there with them. They will be moving to a 70 gallon tank hopefully in the next month. I did get the prazi pro and dosed with that after doing an entire water change. I can't wait to change the water... It smells awful lol. The five day period carried me to tomorrow afternoon. I have to get the stand for the 70 gallon varnished and I'm not sure when that will be. I think I did better than I thought I would.
  21. Aww thanks Amanda! I ordered them on Sunday morning. I actually came across an ad on Craigslist. It's for a 70 gallon bow front with the stand for $200. I haven't seen a pic nut it's been two days and the seller hasn't responded. I'm actually praying it's still available and in good condition.
  22. Hey Alex. All is well. When I say that I mean the fact that they are still alive and actually seem to be doing well. They are greedy little buggers. I did buy a tub but unfortunately we didn't realize that there was a crack in it. I went to carry it back but it seems that all of them were squeezed in transit. Sadly they are still in the ten gallon tank. I'm doing daily water changes hoping that they can last until I get paid next week. They are very active too. I was thinking about ordering the prazi pro liquid since that seems easier to use in a small tank vs the prazi powder. I also ran out of aquarium salt. My efforts are just failing me right now. Don't be too hard on yourself. You say your efforts are failing you. Well, your fish seem to be doing okay by your own admission, so that is good. I always like to think that the effort is what matters. Keep up the good work Miss Free. Thank you so much Mr Hyde. I really have fallen in love with them.
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