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  1. Hi Tithra! It was actually your videos on YouTube. My boyfriend is complaining about me doing research. He knows that when I do research I have projects ahead. I think that I need to find some good fine floss, if you can recommend some. Then again I'll watch the video again in a minute just to make sure I do this surgery on the filter cartridges correct. Is it ok if I PM you if I need help? Pretty please?
  2. LOL,No I just like to keep within the same brands, weird I know. I wanted to change it when I first started doing research I have a Fluval 206 and the Emporer on my 55 gallon. I bought a Fluval 406 and the AC 110 for what I thought was a 90 gallon, it's actually a 72 gallon
  3. Thanks for the good ideas. I have to double check to see how many baskets I have. Have you ever seen it where there is fine filter floss on top of the baskets that house the ceramic rings? Picture two baskets each with ceramic rings and filter floss on top of each one.
  4. Hi Mikey, I wanted to change the emporer to the AC 110 but I was low on funds at the time. Eventually I will switch it out.
  5. Hello everyone; I did some reading about using a different choice of media in filters. I understand the benefits and the simplicity of it. My problem is now that I have the opportunity to do it I feel like an idiot because I don't know where the heck to start, lol. I bought a whole box of ceramic media, enough to last me through the next couple of years. I also have the padding for the filter cartridges by tetra. I guess I was supposed to slide the cartridge into the filter pad and clip it back in... won't be doing that. I have a bio-wheel emperor filter. I know that I can try to 'seed' the new filter pads by putting the two together. Where exactly do I put the ceramic media? I have a AQ 110 ... do I just skip the carbon layer, replace it with the filter pad and put the ceramic rings on top? Finally with my Fluval 406, what's the best way to arrange the media baskets since it appears that I'll be taking out two trays of carbon? I know the sponge is at the bottom, ... where do I go from there upwards? Thanks in advance.
  6. Of course. If I ever get the tank fixed.
  7. I'm on the line now trying to see if I can get 3 bags instead. Sounds like a good idea. Otherwise you will have a lot left over. I'm on the line now trying to see if I can get 3 bags instead. I used one 20lb on my 55, but no plants. Hope it works out for you Thanks guys... Seems like I'll be on hold forever. I already have to wait two weeks for it .. Ugh. Might just donate some to someone who needs it. Can anyone direct me to where I can find the alternative set up for the AQ 110? Gonna work on that in the meantime.
  8. I'm on the line now trying to see if I can get 3 bags instead.
  9. So, in efforts to change up my tank as well as them being a little healthier I'm going to switch from gravel to sand. My progold and hikari are almost the same color as some of the gravel that's currently in the tank (brown) ... My question is how many twenty pound bags would I need to fill my 55 and my 80?
  10. I tried refilling it. Now I have to rinse it out a million times. I was thinking on putting an etched border on it to distract me or a sticker even. I don't have OCD but I know for a fact it will bother me. I could still see it when filled.
  11. I think I wore out my elbow. This stuff is not budging at all.
  12. I have been toying with the idea of trying it and just wallpapering the tank with that and paper towel if this vinegar doesn't' work. I've been looking online and it seems as most people think that it's bad for the tank
  13. ... Vinegar didn't work. I even used a past with baking soda Going to wallpaper the tank with paper towels again. Cool. Thanks Chelsea! I'll empty it halfway down and try that out this week. Sounds like a plan. Vinegar is always my go-to for these types of things. I had a 40B that had severe hard water buildup and the vinegar took care of it really well using this method, so I hope it works out well for you too.
  14. Cool. Thanks Chelsea! I'll empty it halfway down and try that out this week.
  15. Hello all! I tried to do this on my own without asking form much help My 72 gallon bow front tank has these horrible white stains almost 1/4 of the way down the tank. I tried filling the darn thing up with water and I even added almost two gallons of distilled vinegar. The stains won't budge. This tank was used as a salt water tank a few months ago and I'm trying my best not to get frustrated but I really wanted to be able to set up and start that cycle process within the week. I even tried using a razor but nothing is doing the trick. I cant lay it down and use raw vinegar due to the front being curved. and I live in an apartment complex. My only advantage is water. Any advice?
  16. Hey Dan, my boyfriend just called me and said that the white rings are still there. He didn't run his fingers to see if it comes off but I'll buy a box of razors just in case. ...and some vinegar. LOL. Thanks for the tip.
  17. Lol. Thanks... What I did was fill it with water and empty about 30 ounces of vinegar in it. It's gonna hood that water for about 20 hours as I'm working a double shift today. So I'll check it and use a gentle chemical free pad to see if the white residue rubs off. It's not crusty but I won't be able to live with that white stain that's 1/4 the way down from the tank.
  18. Thanks I'll be putting in some gravel from the other tank as well. I think I have about an inch and a half too much. good idea! it will all help!:-) quick question if you know... when cleaning a tank how much vinegar would I throw in with the water. this was a salt water tank that was empty for six months.. well seven months. Im about to fill it to check for leaks (third time) there are those white water stains..
  19. Thanks I'll be putting in some gravel from the other tank as well. I think I have about an inch and a half too much.
  20. Hey everyone. I need some help. I have a 55 gallon up and running. The filters on this include a Marineland bio wheel 300 and a Fluval 206. I was thinking about upgrading this to a AquaClear 110. The more filtration the better right? In the meantime I want to take the carbon out of my canister filter and use the ceramic rings in both my HOB and my canister filter. Should I upgrade to the Aquaclear 110 for this tank? I'm kind of thinking that I should. Now here is where I really need the help. I have a 72bow tank. It's not up yet. It will have a Fluval 406 and an AquaClear 110. These filters are brand new... I have a lot of work to do. I watched Tithra's video and I had some wandering thoughts. I have a box of filter pads by Tetra. The ones that come with the filter pad and carbon in small packs. Can I use that to put behind the bio media? I have lots of that. Is it possible for me to cut out the filter filter cartridges and use the padding to errrr seed the new filter pads? I was thinking I would get four pieces of already established filter media and separate that between my two tanks for the Penguin 300 and the AquaClear? OK don't laugh. Seriously. Even with my smaller filter for my quarantine tank I was wondering if u could cut the carbon out rinse I. Gap water and use that in the canister filter .... Or could I order the bio rings and split the already established set with the new set to help out both canister filters? I know you're probably saying I'm from crazy street but in some weird way I think that at least part of my idea should help. If you have a better way I could try to do this please advise. Is this a good deal for ceramic rings by the way. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181110899498?var=480225008328
  21. You're right. I'll get on it.
  22. Lol thanks. I'm here scratching my head like what the barnacles?
  23. Blue, my oranda has me stressed. I don't think I've read so much and boy do I love to read. I'll fill out my form as soon as get some good lighting to run my tests again, although parameters were fine yesterday. What concerns me is he will float at the top for minutes at a time and won't move until I come near the tank. When he's ready he even swims sideways. If that isn't bad enough he does this thing when foraging that drives me bonkers; a headstand. He used to be pretty active and he is when I come around but I hate to see him in one position for too long. He usually eats a mixture of hikari lionhead and pro gold and he loves spinach. I'm really clueless as what to do next other than put him in quarantine timeout. Since I've been on this forum I haven't lost a fish. A first for me. I really don't want to lose him. He's my baby
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