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  1. I would get a pump :)

    I use my water changer only for vacuuming the gravel and refilling the tank. After I am done vacuuming the gravel, I hook up my pond pump and remove the majority of my water that way so that I don't have to run the faucet to create suction. http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=pond+pump

    Some people are able to create suction in their water changer just by hanging it out a window or something... depending on your circumstances you may be able to do something like this - it doesn't work for me so I use the pond pump... it's quick too.

    And I'm sure I'd want to shower more in the Caribbean too lol

    Helen beat me to it :P

    Hey Tithra I checked out the link. Which one of the two would you purchase? I have to look up videos on this. Thank you so much!]

    Thank you to all of you!!

  2. How are you changing your water now? (python, buckets, pump etc.)

    I think an average tub holds somewhere around 70-80 gallons, if you're doing 60% changes on each tank a week that's pretty much equivalent to taking 1 bath a week. I'm not sure what your shower schedule is like, but if it is really an issue you could do an ever other day sort of thing, or take quicker showers.

    I'm surprised that you exceed the allotted amount just doing a weekly 60% water change. Even if you do rehome the extra fish, weekly 50-80% water changes are still recommended :(

    I have to shower at least 2-3 times a day. It's a Caribbean thing. I was mostly concerned about the amount in case she tells me something. I can't sacrifice showering, lol. I do see your point though. I use the AQ version of the python. The sad part is that the suction plastic tube broke, so now I only have the hose. What I end up doing is letting the water suction out using just the hose and then use my older gravel cleaner to get rid of debris. I have to keep the water from the faucet running for the hose to keep the suction or else I get a trickle similar to a bad leaky pipe.

    You actually just reminded me of one of the other issues I had. My auto water changer (broken part and all) usually forces me to turn on the faucet. I think that's why I feel like I'm using too much water. I feel like I have to use 40 gallons to remove 40 gallons to then put back 40 gallons? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Yesterday I started the auto hose @ 5:30pm... I turned on the faucet to get the suction going and then turned it off. It took 3 hours to drain about 55 % of the water. I don't mind doing that if I have to. I do intend to replace the water changer since I feel that the broken piece is making me work twice as hard.

    Showers use lots of water (some google people are telling me from 20-50 gallons per 10 minute shower), but shortening them, if yours run a little long, could really make a difference.

    I would just suggest finding ways to use your water resourcefully. I'm not sure what's available to you but changing your shower head, or even your toilet flushy thing, might really help you!

    Thanks hun. I think I'd have to settle with letting the water trickle out instead of using the faucet to help me suction. I really need to get a new aqua clear water changer or a python. I think my concern is that I'm using a lot of water to remove the water, then I have to refill

  3. Hello everyone!!

    I have a concern that's been bugging me for the last few days.

    I live in an apartment complex and I have two tanks. One 55 gallon and one 70 gallon. My stocking situation is the pits. Each tank is over stocked by at least three fish.

    I really want to hang myself over it because I expected my dad and uncle who each have decent sized tanks to get their tools together so these fish can be rehomed.

    My issue is that each apartment in the complex is allotted a 'limit' or and expected amount of water consumption per month and I know that I exceed that. I haven't gotten a letter from management about it yet but I'm sure it's coming.

    I usually try to do a 60% water change on each tank every week and I once thought about increasing that amount since they seem more happy when I do that. It's killing me to even consider doing a 90% change every month. Since I started doing more frequent water changes I have not lost a fish, I really don't want to either.

    I'm sure that the fish that are going to new homes will be gone within the next two months or sooner but I am still stressed (really stressed) about doing huge water changes once a month. I do intend to talk to management about it but I already know what she's going to say. Hopefully I would have to pay for the amount of water that I use in excess but I'm not sure.

    Any suggestions in case I have to limit it?

  4. Hello. IM very good friend's with Cynthia. I have 3 Ranchu's from her and 2 Oranda's. She is a wonderful person!!!!!! If I can help you with anything let me know.

    Thanks Heidi I'll keep in touch :)


    You are too cute!!! :teehee

    And have you been to New Jersey? I don't think they will miss NJ living in the Virgin Islands. :lol2

    :donthit: Sorry everyone from NJ. I'd say the same thing about Michigan!! It's the Virgin Islands!!!! :rofl

    LOL, I've never been to NJ. I might trade. The island is ridiculously hot.

    That is so awesome, loved watching it and I love your voice! :D

    The fish are super cute! No idea what to send Cynthia, but I agree that something that is more specific for the Virgin Islands would probably be a good idea!

    Or offer her a free stay if she ever was to go on vacation in your area!

    I can't wait to see these cuties in the tanks.

    Aww thanks Fang... I'll look into that too.

  5. Aaahhhhhhh! I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait for more updates :)

    I would send her something that is unique to your area. I always love gifts that represent where someone is from. A book of photos maybe??

    That's exactly what I was thinking, maybe a cookbook with recipes from the VI. Some hotsauce made from here... We have Cruzan Rum and the like but I don't think I can mail it.

  6. Omg! How many did ya get?! :yikes

    LOL, I lost count. They'll be separated between my two tanks and two are going to my dads house. His 50 gallon is just sitting there doing nothing but the miserable geezer won't let me have it.

    Congratulations, your new ranchus are gorgeous! Cynthia is really nice, if I could buy from her, I wouldn't hesitate to do so :)

    She went way above and beyond for me. I'm so appreciative.

  7. Okay, it is likely that the spots and split are from Flukes. However, it would be helpful if you would fill out the D&D form. It is below my signature. Do you have Prazi?

    I have aqua prazi and prazi pro. I didn't get to do the water change because it was too hot. I'm working on the chart right now

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