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  1. Ok. I'm going to try to get pics tomorrow, right now the ones I have are very old.
  2. 3 goldfish to great home. We are moving from Western MA to Florida and just can't take them with us. 3-4 inches long each. Friendly. 2 of them come right up for food and one of those is okay with a little bit of petting, the other is pretty indifferent to people. They need to stay together though. 2 orandas 1 ranchu. Ranchu (Tris) is mostly white with some orange and a cute stubby tail. 1 oranda (Wasabi) is all orange with a light orange belly and very long tail, as long if not longer than she is. The other oranda is a lemon head (Tank) and he is missing almost all of his tail. He was dumped at a LFS after some other fish in the pond he was in chomped on his tail. He has about an inch coming back but he is very top heavy so when he sleeps or rest his face sits in the sand. It doesn't effect him but he looks like he is dead the other two fish come and check on him sometimes. He eats fine and can swim fine but because he has no tail, he waddles and it's a bit slow, but very cute. They'll come with their 30 gal tank, filter, air stone, hood with light, sand, some java moss, rocks, and decorations. Any leftover food will go with them as well. They are currently on Omega One goldfish pellets because Wasabi can get a little floaty on other food. She can still get floaty on Omega One if she gets fed too late at night. She's usually better by the next morning but always by 24 hours later. Peas don't help her and can make her worse, she just needs fasted. They are snail eaters. I really need these babies to go to a good home. I don't want to post them on Craigslist but they need to be gone SOON. We can drive somewhat but no more than about 1 1/2 hours please. We are near Springfield MA. Mail me at ########### if interested. Thank you! Pics upon request.
  3. I think I'm going to try no food after 7 PM for a couple of days and see if that helps, it'd save money and let me not waste good food.
  4. I'm going to this big store this week and they have a lot of obscure stuff so I'll look there at some prepared foods. Or if I make a gel food I think I'll make my own but how do you proportion it so they get what they need but not too much of it? And how much agar agar to other ingredients?
  5. And she's floaty again.UGH! I just gave some FBW to help. At least the food was only $5. I'll try to get some stuff for a gel food soon. How do you store it in the freezer? I've made it before but it stuck together like crazy. Can you bake them into like pellets?
  6. I got 4.2 oz of the small Omega One pellets and they enjoyed them and so far she isn't floaty *knock on wood*
  7. I think I'm going to try Omega One. I know a lot of people hate the ethoxyquin but here is a great (and short) article on preservatives as well as other nutrition. It's pretty interesting. I'll see about getting FBW today, we are going out anyway. If not, the ice chest would work. Don't know why I didn't think of that, we keep fish in insulated lunch boxes when we get them if it's too cold out, so they are just about always in our car.
  8. Alright, thanks. I think I'll try Omega One pellets (I like the brand and use it for most of my fish) but if I find something else I might try that. I'm running low on bloodworms so I'll pick some up soon but the store is about 1 1/2 hour from here so it would thaw and refreeze, which wouldn't be good. So I might have to hold off for a week or so. How is the HBH food? I don't know if they have one specifically for goldfish, but the ingredients look pretty good. Has anyone tried it, particularly for floaters?
  9. I've been feeding my fish NLS Thera+ A for a while but one of my fish is starting to have problems with floating. Wasabi (an oranda) is prone to floating so I have to feed peas and fast, usually at least once, sometimes twice, a week. I should be going to this big fish store soon, and I'm going to look at getting some Repashy (probably Super Green, maybe Soilent Green) if they have it. If not should I get some Omega One pellets or Hikari Lionhead? What is best for floaty fish? (I'd prefer it to be prepared not gel)
  10. Stunted:"slowed or stopped abnormally in growth or development." (Dictionary.com) "The common goldfish, so popular on fairgrounds, are among the largest, and they are capable of reaching over 18 inches and 10 pounds. Even the smallest breeds can reach between 4 and 7 inches" (http://www.tfhmagazine.com/details/articles/goldfish-myths-debunked.htm) "common goldfish can reach up to 10″ and fancy goldfish can reach up to 8″" (Can't post, from another forum)
  11. On second glance, yes it probably is. Oops. Here's a better one from my LFS He was raised in a pond with a bunch of other fish, he wasn't alone. He is approx. 2-3 inches from the glass. What conditions were the fish in the studies raised in? How long were they in poor conditions? What were they fed and how often were they fed, how often and how big were water changes, were there any, what's the tank/pond size, how many others were in there, whats the oxygenation level, were they ever sick if so with what? Assuming that the fish were in perfect conditions and then lived to be that age is extremely naive.
  12. Exactly. Assuming that an owner doesn't know which fish is which and is mistaking them is ridiculous. 7 inches might be okay for fancies but in a proper environment, commons and comets will grow much larger, they will also live longer than 6 years. Normal Albino Iridescent Shark/Albino Shark Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus)-Note the straight spine. Stunted Albino Iridescent Shark (on left, normal juvenile on right)-Note the extreme curve to the spine Normal Redtail Catfish (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)-Straight, even slope from dorsal down to tail. Stunted Redtail Catfish- Dips in topline between dorsal and adipose and adipose to caudal fin. Lack of muscle along caudal peduncle. Proportions between head and body are skewed. And some full grown goldfish: I don't think that's 7 inches in body length.
  13. They have the potential to grow large yes, but they are very likely to have been stunted. They stunt their growth when given stressors. If a feeder tank at a chain store is not a stressor I don't know what is. How many people have looked bred and raised their own common in a proper environment and compared it's growth to a fish that is purchased as a feeder that should be the same age (using a sizing chart as reference for it's supposed age) and grown them both to full size to see which gets larger/lives longer? If you go by the research article you provided originally, they are only supposed to grow to around 7 inches but up to 23. 7 inches is not full size but how many keepers here own a fish that has grown to more than 20 inches? Was that fish the 6 years the studies are saying most are when they die? The evidence there is fairly lax so I don't think that anyone should base life expectancy on that when many, many fish have out lived that.
  14. cont. In short, growth hormone is suppressed and altered by "stressors" in an environment. It is extremely possible that the normal growth hormone is altered to become a stunting hormone. Saying that a normal common bred solely for food as a feeder is not potentially stunted is as false as saying ammonia in an aquarium doesn't exist. (I posted the above because I was running low on edit time and had to fix a thing with the link. I couldn't go back and re-edit it to add to it)
  15. I will admit that further research into the topic led me to find that a growth stunting hormone isn't really the right wording for it and while scientific evidence is lacking on the topic, a similar hormone exists. Read more here: http://www.seriouslyfish.com/stunted-growth-means-stunted-lives/
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