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  1. Hi I set up my new pond about a month and a half ago, seeding my new pond filter with bacteria from my 2 tank sponge filters and waited 4 weeks before transferring my fish from their tank. Water parameters are perfect. I have 2 apple snails, 2 small lionheads, 3 small orandas and 2 medium sized orandas in 800ltrs. Over the last 2 weeks the water has progressively gotten greener and now I can't see very far into the water. I know green water is okay for the fish and I've got lots of surface aeration adequately oxygenating the pond, so the problem for me is that I can't see my fish. The pond gets full afternoon sun and I can't move it elsewhere. There is lots of surface cover with Azolla and Duckweed and I'll be adding lilies and some other plants soon. What I want to know is, is this a stage common with newly established ponds and can I expect to see the green water go away when the weather cools down and the aspect changes in Autumn/Winter? The pond will not get the same amount of sun in the cooler months as it does now (mid summer in Australia). I don't want to get a uv sterilizer or to use chemicals. I'd just like to know if others with ponds have gone through this stage and seen the green water go away by itself? Can someone also explain for me what happens in the process of pond establishment/settling that causes the green water and what makes it go away? Thanks heaps!
  2. Hai there This is an old thread but oh well.. I'm in Lismore (far north coast nsw). I have 3 orandas and one lionchu in a 170ltr tank indoors. I'm about to move them into their new 750ltr outside pond that I've just finished cycling. Just adding some more plants to it and will do the transfer within the next couple of weeks. Excited!! ????
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