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  1. Thank you! Definitely ruling out 3 and 4. Maybe its 2? He is doing that to every other fish this morning, but he is going up to their gill and tails then chasing them around, so I looked up some videos and I think its 1...
  2. He's chasing every other fish...so I assumed they are all females But there's two he really goes after...the white and chocolate one you see in the vid Water is between 0.5 and 1 ammonia. Rest are the same as before
  3. Mine looks like this, not my video but same behavior And he is doing it to every other fish...
  4. Just did my WC. Will wait a bit to do the test then post the result. Another development is that the orange oranda (one without the black fins) is a male and every other fish are females in the tank. He's been going at them crazy all morning. Should I stop this or separate him? Or should I just let him be? The male did not eat much during feeding time and kept chasing the females...
  5. So strange, eh? We got some crazy warm weather with the first spawning. I chalked it up to timing, but this is nuts. I've had to remove a female from one of the tanks because 2 males will not leave her alone and she's had a scale ripped off. They just really like the ladies lol. I'm stumped, hopefully someone will shed some light for us:) Yea. I don't know if I sohuld separate him, I don't really have another tank , other one is in cycling right now and this one is not even cycled properly. And my guy has PLENTY of targets. Rest of the fish are all about the same size or larger my biggest concern is my smallest Ryukin I am afraid she might be bullied
  6. I am having the same problem and would like to get an answer as well. One of my fish is male and the rest (5) are female and he's been @ it like no other...I don't really see the tubercles either.
  7. So new development I suppose: Turns out that one orange oranda maybe a male and every other fish in the tank are probably female. He has been chasing other fish's gills and tail all morning. Should I just let them be and it will subside? Or should I do something? I am mostly worried about the ryukin because she is smaller and cannot swim as well
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H7UuyYh1QU&feature=youtu.be The 3 on the side are the main ones, others will join them here and there.
  9. Thanks. I have read that Prime detoxifies ammonia by binding to it so it its no longer harmful for goldfish, but it will still show up in my water reading. Is this true? If so, is it safe to say that my fish will be safe from at least ammonia at the moment? (don't worry I won't let this make me get lazy, will still do daily water change) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H7UuyYh1QU&feature=youtu.be I shot a video, do not know if it could be played yet. Does anything seem abnormal? The larger red one (I really need to name these guys soon) sometimes will stop moving for a couple of seconds and just sit there then move again. And as you can see, Ryukin is the only one that will even move out side of this third of the tank.
  10. When I feed them, they usually finish eating within 30 seconds, with these little guys, and only a 2-3 pellets per fish usually definitely nothing is left in the water. Going to see about plants and see if i could get some duckweed and Java fern going just to be safe for these guys.
  11. Yea, i just thought it was a pain to clean + one of my fish almost accidentally swallowed one which freaked me out. Also, the pebbles had green algae looking things on them which I found really gross. The filter was mostly dry unfortunately. When I drop the food, they race towards it. These guys really like to eat. One of them even swims up to the filter pipe to eat any worms or food that is caught in there. Some other user suggested me to add plants in there to ease the process? Would that help? Sorry I am bombarding you with all these questions, I just really want to make sure these guys make it okay.
  12. Yea, i just thought it was a pain to clean + one of my fish almost accidentally swallowed one which freaked me out. Also, the pebbles had green algae looking things on them which I found really gross. The filter was mostly dry unfortunately. When I drop the food, they race towards it. These guys really like to eat. One of them even swims up to the filter pipe to eat any worms or food that is caught in there.
  13. A little bit of extra info, the Aquaclear filter and the pebbles were from previous owner who kept Tetras for a year, I got the tank on a Sunday he said he just took everything out on Friday and the pebbles were still wet so I knew he wasn't lying. I read that bacteria eliminating ammonia may grow on the substrate too so is it perhaps bad that I took them out? Also, should the filter still contain some as well?
  14. 3 of the orandas were originally from the same store, tank mates even. 2 of those really like to follow each other. The Ryukin never joins in with them. And the Orandas do really seem to like that one side...everyone once in awhile one of them would lave to go forage but rest really like that side. They would usually leave together almost as in formation, then swim around in the tank.
  15. Was really nice, definitely less exercise hahaha. The orandas are hanging out together on one side and going up and down along the side...almost in sync... are they just playing around or is something going on? And definitely will do another large one in the morning. So most of those ammonia eliminating bacteria in a bottle are a waste of money? I have to go back to Houston next tuesday and I know my parents have a couple left over from previous owners of used tanks. Wondering if I should try?
  16. Did an 80% change like you said and did another test. I don't know what it is but it seems like it's slightly over 1 but definitely under 2. I waited 10 minutes afterwards to do the test and I put extra Prime in there. I am a bit worried. I will do another partial water change during the morning and another one at night. I just hope these guys will be okay.
  17. Thanks. So I purchased the python water changer and PRIME today, will do another change after they eat. Pre-water change Ammonia? I think its between 2 and 4?
  18. So I went to local fish store and they had the PraziPro but wanted 26 bucks for the 4oz and 65 for the 10oz. Since that doesn't seem to be as pressing as the ammonia problem, I've decided I will order that online sometimes (and it seems the price is not as bad) and got myself a python water changer.
  19. Georgia, I am shamed to say that I did not wait long enough for the cycle to be completed and am still getting spikes in ammonia. They are showing signs of flukes I suppose, I always thought they were just swimming along with each other. Usually they will all be at the top or bottom and one after another, they will also swim up and down on one end while kind of lookin at themselves in the side mirror. I don't know if this is bad. But I am running to the fish store right now, going to pick up some Prazi + Prime. @ Lisa, thanks for all the info and being so patient.
  20. Doing a fish in cycle now, I was suggested to do a preemptive treatment just in case. Only problems I have encountered so far are ick and anchor worms (happened to my parents' fish) and so far my fish are not showing signs of that. I have heard fluke warms can be annoying though, any advice would be greatly appreciated. If there are any other things I should treat, please let me know as I have no idea what to preemptively treat for, what to use, and where to get it. Thanks in advance, Bey
  21. ^ thanks, your method sounds good, will try that instead Going to make the thread in disease treatment in a bit
  22. Will do. Meanwhile, going to use lugging to work off some of the holiday weight i've gained Will also get Prime this afternoon and use it for my next water change. So I should do daily water change of about 50%-60%? Does that sound good? Will do 30% each time. So far these guys are swimming around and it does not seem like they came with any bacterial infections yet, fingers crossed, knock on wood. Should I do a preemptive treatment anyways?
  23. Okay, getting that today! I do not have Python or Aqueon water changer, they seemed pricy at Petsmart (49.95 I think), so I only got the siphon with a pump. I have been scooping out some water into the container and moving the fish there, then getting bucket by bucket. I did a test on tap water, turns out pH is around 7.8-8.0, it shows no nitrite, and very very low nitrate (the color is closer to 0), Ammonia however is at 0.25. When I got the tank, I just wiped down the dust built up and for the filter, I did not do anything to it. Then I added a new filter and did not do anything to those either. Did another test with tank water and it shows that ammonia is at 2.0 actually (more green than my previous test). I did do the after test right after so that maybe why? The tap water report is above and tank water is showing both 0s for Nitrate/Nitrite, pH is neutral (I used pH right). Should I discontinue this? Fish are shown here http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/115257-my-tank/#entry1653290 I am really bad at judging how big or old my fish are, I am not sure when people refer to size, do they include the tail or not? Either way, most of my fish seem young except the red Oranda with the larger head.
  24. and thanks for the reply. I don't mind doing water changes as I work at home. I will probably do another 30% change in the afternoon but right now it seems like its kind of hard to keep under 1.0 even with water changes. Should I consider ammonia eliminating products?
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