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  1. Parameter before change was 0/>1.0/~5.0 After the change was 0/0/0 And there are spots where there are slight black that doesn't really show well on the video. The wen have little black spots all over. and water before water change tonight was
  2. Lisa I finally got a stand for the 125g, its been sitting in the garage "running" with an undergravel filter. I know that's probably not good enough but you said since I am overstocked I could just put the 2 filters i have now on the 120g and it should be fine? I plan on buying another filter. Should i just keep them in the 75 and wait til the other one is completely cycled or should i just add these filters for now and add that new filter when i get it? Right now the filters i have are for 70g and 30-60g. I also have a sponge filter on one of my air stones. The one fish showing ammonia burns is getting worse by the day, I am really concerned
  3. UPDATE: I am told that it seems to be getting smaller and less pink/red
  4. Its just pinkish, like the pic shown. Nothing much has changed.
  5. Yes, this is the only fish, which is why I find it kind of strange. It seems it spreads more and more each day, and especially faster on the wen.
  6. This is the result for the water that was just changed out Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 1.0 (the coloring doesn't really make sense to me, it gets more redder as there is more nitrite? I have the darkest purple, but not really red, so maybe 1.0?) Nitrate: ~ 5.0 (close to orange) Also, the black is getting worse and it seems to be spreading throughout his wen.
  7. Sorry did not see this earlier. I have been doing 2x per day WCs at 80-90% each time. I have been adding Prime. I have started to see nitrites but my Ammonia has not hit 0. What is really strange is, one fish seems to be getting ammonia burn. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/115985-weird-white-spot-growing-from-under-scales/ That was the fish 1 week ago. Over this week, he has developed black trim on tip of his back + anal fins. Also he is getting black on some of the body scales and even the wen!!! I find it really strange because everytime I test for Ammonia it would be under 1 now, and I do 2x daily WCs. It seems to be happening pretty fast I even see new wen growing out black. Only other thing I changed is I have started to give them Hikari Purple in the afternoons instead of HL.
  8. So far no changes, if this is indeed a tumor the only way is to remove right? Or just let it grow since it doesn't seem to affect his daily routines, is it something that will cause health concern later?
  9. It went well, thanks! The fish is doing the same. I am back at my own place now and my mom tells me that he is still really active and swimming around, and there has been no change to the bump. She has done a 80% WC and tested the water again, still came back 0's. I tried to do a little bit of research online but was unable to find anything on this.
  10. Yea ammonia remover probably. I don't know what it is then, they have several plants in this tank also a large driftwood, not sure if these things will affect. But that's all I can think of. Sterilizer should keep the tank relatively bacteria clean shouldn't it?
  11. Pretty sure I tested the water right man. They stuffed it as best as they could, not sure what kind of bio media they bought but its those little baggies with those white rocks in there. I have adviced them to get another filter, that is kind of on the to-do list. Forgot to mention there is also a UV sterilizer in this tank. The 9w one. Meanwhile, should I QT this fish? Salt treatment? I am leaving tomorrow and my mom's English is not good (and she just registered so she can't start a thread). I would really like to help her take care of this.
  12. I tested the water myself and did just that. I find it strange as well but there is BARELY any red color to it, if anything its barely over 0. EDIT: I am doing another test right now, will post pics of the result. Just going to ask for pictures . Make sure the chemicals aren't expired either. How old is the kit? Chemical shouldnt be expired...we just got it from Petsmart not that long ago (sometimes last November), it said 10/20/18 as expiration date
  13. I tested the water myself and did just that. I find it strange as well but there is BARELY any red color to it, if anything its barely over 0. EDIT: I am doing another test right now, will post pics of the result.
  14. I am just going by what my mom told me. I have an interview early in the morning so I do not have time to do a WC myself. My mom says she will change the water tomorrow once I head back to my own place. They are running 3 tanks, 2 of which are goldfish and I THINK this fish was recently switched over from another tank, dunno if that helps. Anyways, I put the fish in a bowl and tried to take a pic but he kept moving around so I held him with my hand for just a second and took these two pics.
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