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  1. Thanks everybody. I just raised the salinity to .2 percent. As I raise the salt content, what are normal and acceptable reactions? Or is the salt level low enough and risen gradually enough to seem "normal" for the fish?
  2. Yeah I added new fluid. I initially thought that maybe the fluid was old so I changed it. Yesterday I bought a glass diffuser from a lfs and replaced it for the DIY diffuser. My checker went bluish again. I don't see the point of cranking up the co2 if the bubbles are just going to get to the surface anyway. I'm at 3 bps now. I've read some tanks around my site with glass diffusers running 5-6bps. Basically the number of bubbles per second I can't count lol. My co2 is scheduled to come on in an hour. Let's see how this goes. Maybe some relocation is in order.
  3. Before I put the towel back over the tank I thought I'd take a quick pic of my new Shubunkin. The store I bought her(?) from has the cleanest, healthiest tanks around, and they have tons of them! She was in a tank with four other buddies, not crowded in with a bunch of other fish. They even had substrate and decorations! Water is at .1% going to .2% shortly...
  4. Just adjusted my timer for two hours. I'm gonna stick with EI and high light since I was getting good results. I had issues with algae, but I think I was being overly cautious on adjusting my co2. It was the only off variable in the balance.
  5. Wish I had a big net. I had the tiny one that came with a ten gallon tank kit. Those fish all but laughed at me for even trying to use it lol
  6. Please keep us updated. Best shubunkins I've ever seen in terms of my personal aesthetics. The contrast and balance are just spectacular.
  7. I liked it... but it clogged rather quickly. Its replacement was a bad choice driven by price. I don't know if this is more efficient. I have a good lime green color right now at about 3bps for a 47 gallon tank.
  8. What kind of root tabs? I've used flourish and "total" tabs from aquariumplants.com and never had issues with yellowish water. Or maybe I didn't notice discoloration...
  9. My plastic and ceramic diffuser stopped working awhile ago. So I went online and bought a cheap glass replacement off eBay. Received it and noticed after a few hours my drop checker was still blue. Adjusted the bubble rate, adjusted more, added water to reduce agitation... the problem was the bubbles were not dissolving. So I saw a DIY online and built this. I use a hob filter so in line diffusion is not an option. I had the materials on hand so I built it. The idea is that the bubbles get trapped in the chamber and are forced to dissolve in the water. This is just a prototype. If it works I'll mock up something smaller.
  10. I gave a ton of fish stores around here. I've checked five and none have blue ones.
  11. Luckily my shubunkin doesn't mess with my plants, but she detest snails on the glass.
  12. Yeah, they don't need co2 supplementation but I have it in a planted tank with other plants that love it lol. It grew well under high light, but the inconsistent co2 exposed me to GSA. Boo. I could move it back near my amazon swords, they are more than 20 inches long and can shade the leaves. The roots grew down into the substrate off its driftwood home, this is gonna be interesting.
  13. ^this. You can mineralize the dirt using a cheaper top soil. Google it if you have a bunch of lead in time to the tank setup because it takes awhile to make. But I've heard of plenty of people doing this with no issues. Six weeks is about how long it will take to cycle the tank anyway. If you have cycled media and will put fish in immediately just step up the water changes for a month or two as mentioned previously.
  14. So I have GSA all over my Anubias. From what I read it's caused by inconsistent co2 levels and low phosphates, which is exactly what's been happening in my tank. Any quick solutions in addition to fixing the above stated issues that anyone suggests?
  15. Thanks. I love how these plants look in that hardscape. Hopefully I can get my tank going tj is fall.
  16. Sorry for all the questions. How many bubbles per second are you running the co2 and are you fertilizing the water column? Looks like the substrate us handling that since I think your plant are root feeders, but just wondering. I have never had those plants. I'm thinking about doing something similar with a ten gallon.
  17. Maybe. Fast them for a few days and put food they can't resist inside. Preferably live food if they are omnivores. I also found it more effective when the tank was dark, especially for bottom feeders.
  18. Lmao. Oh if I had the room... I have my main tank and a small ten gallon cycling right now. The ten gallon might serve as a cycled qt for a new shubie soon.... Did I read "new shubie?" Yes! It's hard to stay out of trouble where I live. I live on the outer edge of culver city in Los Angeles. So I have four places to buy fish and supplies withing three miles: petsmart, petco, and two aquarium stores. One of the aquarium stores has a huge selection of of shubunkins. A little further away, less than ten miles, is a higher end aquarium store that has a large selection of plants, fish, and accessories... If we didn't have this pool table eating up space in our living room area I'd start a 75 gallon show tank against the wall.
  19. Lmao. Oh if I had the room... I have my main tank and a small ten gallon cycling right now. The ten gallon might serve as a cycled qt for a new shubie soon....
  20. What keeps you from doing it? Nickles, congrats on the new tank! Keep us posted on the progress! I'm a graduate student and money is tight. I could find $100 bucks and I have a SUV to transport it but I would then have a tank and stand waiting to be setup. I have a planted 47 gallon, so transition would involve more substrate, filtration, more plants, etc. $$$ On top of the fact that I crashed my motorcycle and it needs repairs. So many things to build...
  21. Funny. This made me check cl and found a stand and 75 gallon tank for $100 downtown... So tempted.
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