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  1. Glad to here she is ok! It's a good idea to check the respective pH of the bag water and tank water and do a drip acclimation instead of a float, or in combination with a float. I inject co2 into my tank so my pH hangs at 6.8 while local tap is 7.6...
  2. 40 gallon long will work too and give your fish four feet of horizontal swimming space. Yet 40b will give you a bonus seven gallons and better gas exchange due to greater surface area. I have single tails in a 47gallon breeder. 36Lx18Wx17H. Only problem is stands are hard to find. I built one.
  3. Buying from local mom and pop stores does not guarantee better results either, so don't feel bad about Walmart fish. I refuse to buy goldfish from my normal place because I've witnessed pretty bad conditions in the fancy goldfish tanks. Most of the stores around here cater to the saltwater crowd, so goldfish are treated as the little kid pet, and consequently neglected, just my opinion. My first shubunkin came from petco, along with my first black moor. The moor came from a really bad tank and I wasn't experienced enough to save him. The shubie is doing great! So I agree with others here, those fish will be there, you buying them and providing the best care you can is a good thing.
  4. What are you planning for the main tank?
  5. Wow!! Good luck! Sounds like an incredible build.
  6. Wow. How big is the main tank gonna be?
  7. So with the blackout option, do assume I stop dosing ferts too. Then pickup where I left off in three days?
  8. She went off a week of salt at .3% on Saturday. Everything is looking good so far. She is active, eating, begging, and scavenging like a champ. Had a moment of concern when I saw less poop, but I woke up today to a good poo corner collection. Might be I'm dialing in feeding amount for the new fish. Unfortunately I can't do a full four week qt because I'm going to Dallas for my sister's wedding then to Cabo for a week. So I need her in the main tank by then. As an added caution, I usually go back to look at the fish store tank I bought my fish from. It can let you know whether to watch for the onset of disease.
  9. Awesome. This is a better approach than I've seen in video.
  10. I have pretty general hard water too, maybe 14 drops on the api kit. I was mixing it with RO water for awhile because I thought my plants would benefit from it. Then I got lazy and started on the tap again without RO mix except as top off water. The fish didn't give it a second look. Now going from this to really soft water might be a problem.
  11. I thought I saw some munch marks on a sword leaf! Haha. Let's see if the new fish is as kind as my established one. Fingers crossed.
  12. I bought an up aqua glass diffuser locally at the place I got my new shubunkin. The first few days it was producing pretty large bubbles that my power head was pushing across the tank with little dissolved. But now it started misting on part of the ceramic ring, so I had to go to probably five bps to get that fine mist high enough to get my drop checker green. Tested pH and kh yesterday and I'm in the 30ppm range. I decide to cut my photo period to six hours for awhile to try and get a handle on some hair algae that is slowly springing up. I had eight hours of light and EI dosing while I was trying to figure out the co2 so.... Thanks for asking! I was eyeballing the atomic diffusers from green leaf aquariums. I looked at a YouTube video and the misting is insane. You need at least 30 psi of pressure.
  13. I tied it with fishing line then removed the line when the plant rooted well. Gluing is probably better because there is not added junk.
  14. Wanted to show some of my plants just in case people are interested in how they look in an actual tank. This is my recently pruned anubias coffeefolia. I wanted to demonstrate how anubias eventually attaches itself to driftwood with extensive root growth. Photo bomb... Next up is cryptocoryne wendtii bronze. This plant has a beautiful texture and will either grow flat of vertically depending on lighting. I believe this one is one of my cryptocoryne undulata, its hard to tell the difference between this and lutea. These will turn greenish, reddish, brown under high light. Amazon swords in the background. If I knew what I know now I would have planted them mush less densely. They will grow pretty quickly and rather thick. They have been growing for about four months. New fish says hello.
  15. Yeah. They're slow growers, less lenient of my failures lol.
  16. Fish and plants look great. Just lost 13 anubias coffeeolia leaves to GSA... So I appreciate awesome looking anubias right now.
  17. Argh! So I caved in finally. Those anubias leaves you see... Most are covered in GSA. My fault, I tweaked my routine to try and lower light intensity. I pruned at least thirteen leaves. Left with a few healthy leaves. I'll watch new growth for GSA and see if I've rectified the problem by sticking to my EI dosing.
  18. Several plants grouped together. If I was more experienced I would have given each plant more space.
  19. Undulata! That's one of them! Eco Complete with a regular gravel cap and flourish root tabs if I see a plant not doing too well.
  20. I currently have Amazon Swords, crpyt wendtii bronze, crpyt Lutea, anubias coffeeolia, and Java Moss floating on the surface. Pressurized CO2, two 36 inch t5ho 39 watts each 6700k I think. Aquaclear 110. I got rid of the red myrio, Java Moss I had on some driftwood, and a slow growing crypt that never rooted well. Thank everybody!
  21. If I remember correctly it's this one. http://www.aquariumplants.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=po35 Cryptocoryne, Wendtii, Bronze (Cryptocoryne wendtii v. Tropica) In high light the leaves have grown narrow.
  22. I am slowly trimming back overgrown plants in my tank in preparation for a new tank mate currently in qt. I basically cut a hole in the background because my swords were getting sucked to the inlet or pushed over midground plants by the filter outflow. I plan on allowing the swords to grow back just below the inlet, plant something new there, or fine a big rock or something to put there.
  23. Every morning I make a cup of coffee and sit next to the tank and watch them swim, beg for food, and get in shenanigans. My new shubunkin in qt is already eating peas out of my hand. So now with two tanks running in one room, I drink coffee and watch the qt, then spend some time watching the main tank. When I was writing my master's thesis, I would get so stressed that I would write facing my tank.
  24. Probably the placement of that power head (streaming pump). The poo corner is a dead spot or terminus of multiple currents. I have a poo corner in my qt tank but since I do water changes daily when it's occupied I don't bother to remedy it.
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