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  1. Mine new shubunkin does it all the time. It's how she begs for food. I was initially concerned so I tested everything, but water quality was good as usual. She taught my other shubie to do it too, but the other fish knows the pellets sink fast so she darts for the gravel when food hits the water.
  2. I usually wait for ammonia to fall to around .25 ppm before I add more. If you've been cycling for awhile then your tank should be able to cycle that amount of ammonia in 24 hours. Nitrites are pretty high. I've seen high nitrites stall the cycling process, maybe it's a myth. A water change might help. Sorry, I don't know how long you've been cycling.
  3. And build a pull out bookcase drawer under my bed. More space, more tanks.
  4. I already got that look when my girlfriend heard me talking about more tanks.... I only have one main tank and a QT lol. I was thinking about throwing out my desk and putting a new tank on that wall. I never use the desk. It just holds stuff. Makes sense to me!
  5. I like the 20g long too. It's would serve as a better qt for the shubies since it provides more horizontal swimming space. Then I could convert my 10g to a planted tank.
  6. Dollar per gallon nearly translate to me as free. This is trouble.
  7. If you have some tools, building a stand from 2x4s is an option too. Throw some stain and polyurethane sealer to give it a not tacky look if it's going in a display area. If you have to buy anything but wood to build one of the smaller stands then it's probably not worth it. It makes sense when building them for the larger tanks.
  8. Most directions will say feed what the fish can eat in a few minutes. I feed my fish Thera A which is very nutrient dense. I feed what my fish can eat in about one to two minutes two to three times a day. The meals are slightly larger if I feed twice a day, smaller if I feed three times a day. I supplement pellets with veggies, frozen bloodworms (thawed), and shrimp. These are fed exclusively at one meal, not mixed. Some veggies I feed are boiled peas with shells removed and blanched organic baby spinach. I have shubunkins, which can get to food rather quickly. Some others might recommend a greater time period for feeding, like three to five minutes. Let see what others more experienced recommend.
  9. I've never wanted a camera, but trying to take pics of begging shubunkins is impossible with a standard one. Have fun!
  10. Do the crypts need substrate? I'll go look at some images online, to get an idea of what they look like That I know of, yes. They grow pretty extensive root systems. If I look under my tank, it's the crypts that have root footprints that are nearly a square foot per plant, whereas my swords are over 20 inches long and have less developed roots. You have a few options for substrate. You can use dirt (potting soil), commercial substrates designated for planted aquariums like ADA soil, Eco-complete, etc.
  11. I see some red myrio... What else is in the tank? Love this combination. No red myrio. Front: diatom covered hair grass, hydrocotyle tripartita and diatom covered glosso, rotala sp. green. Back: mayaca fluvatilis, diatom covered sunset hygrophila, rotala indica (which I believe may actually be rotundifolia), emergent limnophila aromatica, ammania gracilis, bacopa caroliniana, rotala wallichii red, rotalla wallichii green. Running LEDs has meant the reds have faded a fair bit. I think I'll invest in an ATI fixture later on down the road, but for now I'm done spending money on this tank. Awesome! I'm definitely adding one of these to a background gap I have.
  12. I think various types of anubias and Cryptocoryne are great. Low to medium light is fine. My goldfish don't touch them but you might lose the crypts. Java moss, various types. I don't know how well red myrio will do in low light, but the fish don't eat them.
  13. I see some red myrio... What else is in the tank? Love this combination.
  14. My current tank was plants only and added goldfish later by the way.
  15. Sounds like a cool plan as long as you don't want to use the planted 10g as a QT later on. You have a few decisions to make: plants, substrate, low tech or high tech, lighting, filtration, fertilization method. Probably the first decision is whether you want to go low tech or high tech. Low tech means low to medium light and no pressurized co2, which will determine your fertilization method. If you are ok with slow growth, low maintenance, and lower startup cost. High tech is pretty much the opposite: faster growth, more maintenance, and higher startup cost. Let us know which way you are leaning toward and we can pitch some ideas. I am currently running a high tech tank and love it. Maybe others have experience running both.
  16. They also have a tendency to float even when soaked. I feed frozen bloodworms now, some float but the majority sink. By the time they tear through the sinking stuff the rest has sunk with it. Although it seems like shubies manage ingesting air better than I'm used to.
  17. Me too. Thanks for asking I never thought about that.
  18. Yeah let's see what a mod says. But I'm pretty sure they're going to ask you to fill out the D/D template. Also, a few questions that might help them with zeroing in on the problem: is she eating, responds to you, how is her poo, did you cover the tank to let the fish de-stress, did the bottom sitting start right away or after the prazi treatment? A mod will be along soon to help.
  19. The time it takes depends on the wood. I have a piece that took two months of soaking to get the tannis out! Now I have no use for it lol. My plants took over the tank.
  20. I'm switching my adhesion material to super glue next time. Have a bare piece of driftwood that used to have some Java Moss on it but I ditched the moss. Maybe I'll do more anubias with super glue. Thanks for the video.
  21. Oh... Too much co2 can block the respiration of co2 and cause oxygen starvation.
  22. True. And if you have a heavily planted tank that consistently pearls, you are getting excellent oxygen saturation. Does anybody understand the relationship between oxygen, co2, and fish respiration? Does too much co2 (gassing fish) mean the co2 pushed out all the oxygen?
  23. Same here. I had a lot of the same fears others have expressed. Luckily I started on a plants only tank, so I didn't have the fear of gassing fish. The main difficulty was identifying all the parts and what their functions were.
  24. Actually given the ammonia in shipping bags it's usually less harmful /stressful for goldfish who have been shipped to be quickly acclimated ( I think discus folks call this the plop and drop method). This is what the breeder this fish was ordered from recommends. I actually don't think ph was the issue in this case either since going from a lower to higher ph tends to be less concerning than a high to low. I think the reaction was primarily due to stress of shipping and then a new environment Good point. Didn't think about the buildup of ammonia when shipping. I was thinking about a local scenario. Thanks for the info.
  25. Awesome. Videos like these help so much when trying to learn about pressurized CO2. What kind of plants were those in the goldfish tank?
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