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  1. My decent little LFS has never heard of koi clay. I decided to just order it off the website. Hopefully it'll do my tank some good. I'm ever going to share it with my other friends. They have a 90 and a 120 goldfish tank!
  2. Well, I'm now excited to give this a try! There is a pond store not far from me, so I'll check there first before I try online. ^.^ Thanks for so many thoughts
  3. Where can you find that? I checked amazon.... about to try PetSmart (I have a second job there so it'd be 15% off)
  4. Beat me to my question. So, in general it would be something good for them? I want to try and see what happens when I use it. I like the idea of the aerators distributing the clay. I have spray bars and 2 aerators so I think it'll get distributed pretty well... I really appreciate the input on this. I'm always looking for new things to add that'll help the goldfish
  5. Does it clear your water? I read it makes your goldfish colors pop as well,.,, Kinda be nice to see my calico's colors more vibrant
  6. It's added directly to the water or through the filter? Have you tried it? I'm curious and now a couple of my friends who I converted to Goldfish are as well.. ^.^
  7. I've been browsing around the forums and web and have come across something I've never seen or even heard of! Can anybody help me understand what Koi Clay is used for in the aquarium? I've found some on amazon but nobody has put it in an aquarium... I appreciate any input on this item.
  8. My Big Boy, Toxic! Toxic has grown 5 inches in a little over a year. He is 6 inches, minus the tail!
  9. I am willing to drive, just depends on exactly where you're at.
  10. Oh so do I... my only other option is to send them to Petco... I really don't want to do that
  11. More males, they are mostly yellow and either with spots, stripes, or a mix. There's also a bunch of babies that aren't colored or sexed yet... have about 10-15 baby baby but these guys are old enough to breed and will grow a little more
  12. These are the hardest buggers ever to capture on film. I managed to capture some of their colors. Here's a yellow and striped male with a blue tuexedo female in the back These are yellow and spot males... sorry but they move fast Yellow Stripe males and the female is the silvery to the left
  13. I am located in Oxford, NJ. I have easy access to Stroudsburg/East Stroudsburg PA ato as far as effort. I can travel in NJ some too. I have over 30 guppies. Most are Hybrids of Tequila Sunrise/ Cobras and are very lovely yellow tail with black spots and stripes (males) and some Tequlia Sunrise/Cobra females and some Tuexedo Females. I find myself over run with them and they need a good home. Roughly 20 of them are of breeding age, and are infact breeding (they are of different paretnge). Please let me know if you're interested, I am at a loss as to what to do with them. Thanks!
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