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  1. I would kinda like to try again, considering I still have tons of salt, but Rocket Pop seems happy in the 20 long
  2. My decent little LFS has never heard of koi clay. I decided to just order it off the website. Hopefully it'll do my tank some good. I'm ever going to share it with my other friends. They have a 90 and a 120 goldfish tank!
  3. Well, I'm now excited to give this a try! There is a pond store not far from me, so I'll check there first before I try online. ^.^ Thanks for so many thoughts
  4. Where can you find that? I checked amazon.... about to try PetSmart (I have a second job there so it'd be 15% off)
  5. Beat me to my question. So, in general it would be something good for them? I want to try and see what happens when I use it. I like the idea of the aerators distributing the clay. I have spray bars and 2 aerators so I think it'll get distributed pretty well... I really appreciate the input on this. I'm always looking for new things to add that'll help the goldfish
  6. Does it clear your water? I read it makes your goldfish colors pop as well,.,, Kinda be nice to see my calico's colors more vibrant
  7. It's added directly to the water or through the filter? Have you tried it? I'm curious and now a couple of my friends who I converted to Goldfish are as well.. ^.^
  8. I've been browsing around the forums and web and have come across something I've never seen or even heard of! Can anybody help me understand what Koi Clay is used for in the aquarium? I've found some on amazon but nobody has put it in an aquarium... I appreciate any input on this item.
  9. This is what it looks like converted. I plan on adding more plants. Note the driftwood in back. It extends to the top of the tank with the filter behind it to keep flow low.
  10. So, our heater broke in our saltwater tank and the temp dropped to 60ish. We slowly tried to warm the water up, but the Firefish, Fred, died. We have decided to take a break from this Saltwater endeavor. Nano tanks are much harder to maintain then larger ones. I turned this tank into a freshwater tank for the Betta fish we have named Rocket Pop. He has the 20 long to himself with an assassin snail, John Wilkes Booth. You can. contrary to popular belief, reuse the substrate. In our case it's sand. You need to drain the tank, then refill it while stirring the sand around. Repeat this process until you salinity reading is 0. I even used test strips that test both salt and freshwater. I used this because if there was any salt in the water, one of the readings wouldn't have shown. This process took a long time and several fillings and emptyings. The water becomes VERY cloudy but will dissipate in a day or so. I used a cycled sponge filter for his tank, warmed the water, tossed in pest snails to ensure water was good, then added him. He is a VERY happy Betta. Being from Walmart he has his problems but he's an awesome little guy. I'll post a pic when I can.
  11. My Big Boy, Toxic! Toxic has grown 5 inches in a little over a year. He is 6 inches, minus the tail!
  12. I think it's just a birth defect. There is the teenest bump where his right eye should be. Looks like it tried to form but never quite could. ^.^ I'm glad you guys like the story. Just thought it was something fun to share. I have 3 Black Moors total and was worried I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Well, Stealth is very large at 4inches, Little Fish refuses to grow maxing out at about maybe 1 1/2 or 2 inches, and Odin, well, kinda hard to mistake him huh?
  13. One day back in April, my boyfriend and I were at Walmart to buy cat food and since the fish tanks are right there, decided to stop and peek. There in the top tank, all alone, was this teeny Black Moor who was swimming weird. Upon closer inspection we saw the poor little guy was mssing his right eye. It appears to be a birth defect. Since Walmart doesn't feed their fish I knew this wee guy wouldn't survive. So, for $2, we bought the little fellow but didn't have high hopes for his survival being a Walmart fish and all. We set him up in a 20g long, and boy was he teeny. He was roughly 1/2 an inch or so. Right away we began treatment for everything, starting with PraziPro. After a couple days, he started to swim normal! No more leaning to the left. After 4 weeks total QT, he was swimming, eating, and seemed happy. Today Odin is a fat Moor with a small tail! He is so cute and such a little clown! This is wee Odin as a baby! Odin and his buddy Dandy. This is a 20g long, that's how small they were! So weensy! Little Odin now. He's gotten rather large and has even out grown our other Moor, Little Fish.
  14. Thank guys... She's been buried in the garden (i can never bring myself to flush them) She was about 4 inches and about 1 1/12 years old. She was a big girl
  15. That's what I am thinking, but she never showed any signs. She always swam like a dope, swimming upside since they day we got her. We tried everything from fasting to feeding only peas. She was really... special in a number of ways.
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