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  1. Lovely fantails . My boy is a one of a kind. He is so arrogant and dominant. Lol. I have a knick name for him, Little dragon. Because he looks and acts like one lol. Very fiery. He is called Midas. He looks like Smudge, LabRats fishy. His tail is actually really long, but was curled over when i took this. photo upload sites
  2. Oh my gawd! Some gorgeous babies in here. I love Oranda's. i think they are my fav's. I have two Oranda's, aswell as my black moor and fantail. This is Tide, my young blue Oranda. His wen is yet to develop. free upload And this is Spectre, my lovely white Oranda...unfortunately who is not very well at all . This was when he was full of life. upload a picture
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